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Tips for Fitting Odd Cup Sizes and Breast Types

One of the things we strive to convey to all women is that one bra size does not fit all. Every woman is different. You could line up 20 women with the same bra size, and a bra in that size would not fit all of the women. A lot of bra fit has to do with body type, torso length and age. But there is a ton of variance in the bra cup itself. Some women are fine in a molded-cup bra, while other women would do better in a seamed bra cup that offered a bit more shaping and support. And many women have asymmetrical breasts that can be difficult to fit. How do you fit these odd cup sizes?

Find a Cup Style that Works for You
First and foremost, shop around. Try a variety of different cup styles until you find something that works great for you. As a general rule, women who have loose breast tissue, breasts that are sagging with age or women who have given birth and breast fead require a little more support and shaping. These women would do best with a robust, supportive, fuller-coverage bra; typically a seam cup bra; that provides support and shaping in all the right places.


Women with firmer breasts, on the other hand, can wear bras with less coverage, including demi, balcony and other partial-coverage bras. This is only a general rule; there are some great demi bras that work well for women with loose breast tissue. It’s all in the way the cup fits, and the way the bra fits the individual woman.



Tips for Fitting Uneven Breast Sizes
Many women have asymmetrical breasts, but uneven breast sizes or asymmetrical breasts can be difficult to fit properly. The easiest way to fit uneven breast sizes is to figure out what cup size you need for the larger breast, and then use padding in the cup for the smaller breast. Alternately, you could buy a padded-cup bra with removable padding, and remove the padding in the larger breast cup but leave the other cup padding in place. Either way, you may need to experiment to find the right cup size and padding style. Keep in mind that we did a post a couple of weeks ago talking about bra padding options, and we have several padding styles available here at Big Girls’ Bras.

Consider Having Your Bra Customized
Finally, you may simply want to take a bra you like to your local tailor or seamstress to have it altered slightly. If the bra is infinitely comfortable but the cup sags ever so slightly, and the next cup size down is too small, you may want to take the larger cup to the seamstress and have her put in a couple of stitches to take in the slack. Alternately, a seamstress or tailor can help with bra strap issues. Generally speaking, you want a bra to fit properly in the band before you consider taking it to a seamstress or tailor, as that’s where the bulk of the support comes from and you don’t want to have to alter that part of the bra.

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