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Tips and Tricks to Stay Cool Under Your Clothes

Yesterday, we looked at some great hot weather bras to help keep you cool and dry during this summer’s heat waves. Today, we’ll look at some other tricks to help keep you cool and dry from your skin out, to make it easier for your hot weather bra to do its job. Looking for other ways to beat the heat with your wardrobe choices? These tips and tricks can help keep you cool and composed even on the hottest, most humid days.

Wear the Right Fabrics
Two of the best fabrics for staying cool on a hot, humid summer day are cotton and linen. Both of these fabrics breathe very well, and make it easier for airflow to reach your skin and help keep you cool. Linen is a great choice for business or business casual wear, as you can find some very stylish, classical outfits in linen. Cotton is great for casual wear, and you can elevate your casual cotton by looking into a cute sundress or other nicer, stylish cotton option.

Do keep in mind that linen can wrinkle easily, and cotton is not moisture-wicking, so these fabrics do have their limitations and drawbacks. Also, the weave can make a difference in how breathable the fabric. Tight weaves are less breathable than loose weaves, and layers affect breathability. Look for single-layer fabric without liners for the best breathability.

Consider Camisoles
Camisoles make a great base layer, and on a hot day, you may be tempted to wear just a cami. Some of our camisoles here at Big Girls’ Bras have built-in bras, so you can avoid wearing a bra and a shirt; just wear a cami. Fewer layers enhances breathability and makes it easier for cool air to reach your skin. Whether you’re looking for a cami with built-in bra, a cami to serve as a shirt itself, or a cami as an underlayer, we’ve got a ton of great options for you.

When you’re starting your day, after you get out of the shower, apply a light layer of moisturizer on your body. Some thin and cooling moisturizer is great; it helps ease your warm skin, and makes putting on your bra that much easier. A thin layer of moisturizer can also help reduce your bra’s rubbing and chafing throughout the day.

Stay Hydrated
This one sounds like a no-brainer, but it’s very important to stay hydrated on a hot day. Drinking cool (not ice cold) water can help lower your body’s core temperature and make it easier to endure those hot, humid days. Women need an average of two liters of fluid intake per day, so make sure you’re drinking enough!

Avoid Form-Fitted Garments
Tight and form-fitted garments make it more miserable and uncomfortable on a hot day. When you plan your wardrobe, look for loose, flowing garments that won’t cling to your skin and will enable plenty of airflow as you move around. Your favorite tight shirt and skinny jeans might look great, but you’ll be miserable if you wear them. Opt instead for some loose-fitting linen shorts and a nice cotton shirt, and you can still look good but more importantly – stay cool!

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