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Tips and Tricks to Prevent Constant Bra Strap Slippage!

Do your bra straps fall down constantly throughout the day? Are you tired of having to tug them back up? Or worse yet – have your straps fallen down when you’re wearing a sleeveless tank top or dress – and become visible? It’s happened to all of us, ladies, but some women have it worse than others. If you’re sick of your bra straps falling down, here’s what you need to know to fix it – and a few accessories to add to your wardrobe that can help prevent this problem!

Bra Strap Slippage May be a Sign of the Wrong Size or Fit
If your bra straps slip off all day wrong, it could be a sign that you’re wearing the wrong bra size, or that the bra brand is a poor fit for you. Every woman’s body is different, and bras are designed for different body types – some with wider shoulders, some with narrower spaces between the straps, etc. Take a look at our bra fit guidelines to make sure you’re wearing the right bra size.

Then, check out the reviews for the bra you’re wearing – some bra brands tend to run larger or smaller. Finally, check out the width of the style you’re wearing. If you’ve got narrow shoulders, you may need a different bra style with less distance between the straps to compensate. Look for straps that are positioned more above the cup instead of along the side of the cup, and look for bras where the straps are narrower-set.

Try a Racerback Bra
If you’re tired of hunting for the perfect bra or the perfect style, try a racerback style! Racerback bras are designed with a taller center piece in the back where the straps come in, instead of having the straps go all the way down to the bra band under the shoulders – which means the straps virtually can’t fall down. The tall racerback style holds the straps in place. Check out yesterday’s blog post about racerback styles for recommendations, or browse our site to find the best racerback bra for you!

Accessories to Salvage Your Current Bras
Don’t have the cash to fork out for a whole new bra wardrobe? You may be able to salvage your current bras with one of these fabulous accessories: strap connectors! In theory, they function similar to a racerback design – they’re small straps that run between your two bra straps and connect them, preventing them from falling down. We carry strap connectors in three styles:

Each of these designs is slightly different – some are plastic, while others are fabric, and some are better-suited for bras with wider-set straps, while others are best for bras with close-set straps. Read the reviews to find the best strap connectors for your wardrobe.

Falling straps don’t have to plague your life! As your current bras fail, replace them with styles better-suited for your body (and properly sized!) – and try our strap connectors in the meantime!

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