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Tips and Tricks: Swimwear for Large-Busted Women

Finding good swimwear for large-busted women can present a challenge. Most off-the-rack swimwear is designed to fit “average” bust sizes, which can leave large-busted women with few choices. However, finding the right swimwear does yield benefits, so it’s worthwhile to invest the time and effort into finding great swimwear for your body type.

Don’t Try to Fit into Smaller Swimwear
One mistake that many large-busted women make is trying to fit into smaller swimsuits. It’s not flattering to try to squeeze yourself into a piece of swimwear that is too small. It won’t provide ample support for your bust, and you may find yourself falling out of your swimsuit if it doesn’t provide enough coverage.

Swim SystemsLook for a swimsuit that is appropriately sized in the top. Focus on ladies swimwear for large-busted women; not the typical “average” swimwear you see in the stores. Large-busted women have different size and fit considerations than women with smaller bust sizes, so trying to fit into those swimsuits will just make you miserable.

Finding Fashionable Swimwear for Large-Busted Women
Finding swimwear for large-busted women can be a challenge on its own. Finding fashionable swimwear for large-busted women requires even more effort, but it does yield great benefits. Look for brands that sell swimwear for large-busted women whose styles you like. Brands like Fantasie of England, Freya and Sunsets are extremely popular, and each has its own unique style that isn’t just functional; it’s fashionable.

You don’t have to resign yourself to ill-fitting swimwear in order to find something that’s fashionable; just look for the brands that focus on fitting large-busted women. It’s a growing niche, and more and more brands are offering cuts, styles and designs intended for women with large busts.

Testing Swimwear for Large-Busted Women
Before you take your new swimwear poolside, it’s imperative that you try it on and test it. Ordering swimwear online gives you the best flexibility in terms of finding the right fit and style, so don’t worry if you can’t try before you buy – but make sure you try before you wear it out and can’t return it.

When you’re trying on swimwear, first evaluate how easy it is to put on. Do you have to constantly adjust the top to get it to stay in place? Do you have to continually pull the straps up, or adjust the material? If the top doesn’t want to stay in place readily when you’re dry and standing in front of the mirror, it isn’t the right choice to wear outside.

If the swimsuit stays in place when you try it on, move around in it. Lift your arms over your head. Walk. Bend over as though you’re picking something up. Does the swimsuit hold you in place nicely, or do you feel like you’re going to fall out? Does it provide ample support? If the swimwear doesn’t provide good coverage and support when you’re dry in the dressing room, it’ll never work when you’re wet.

See these brands for plus size and large bust swimwear: Fantasie, Miraclesuit, Anita, Panache, Sunsets, Freya, Swim Systems, Gottex, Christina, Carol Wior, Tara Grinna

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