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This Labor Day is for You!

Labor Day is finally here, and many of us are basking in the glory of a long weekend! It’s more than an extra day off work, though – today is a day to celebrate the working class folk who make the world go around. Today isn’t about the armed forces, someone famous or a religious holiday. It’s 100% about honoring what working folks have done for the country for over a century! And women are a significant part of the workforce. From working moms to full-time career women (sometimes one in the same!) women make up a huge part of the work force today. Are you taking the time to celebrate YOU today?

Women in the Work Force
Far more women participate in the labor force today than they did in the 1970s, which marks a beginning for women really entering the work force. More women with children under the age of 18 are in the workforce today, and women have increasingly attained higher levels of education as the decades have passed. Of the women in the 25 to 64 demographic in today’s workforce, the proportion of a college degree has TRIPLED since 1970!

Women’s earnings have also grown, proportional to their male counterparts. In 1970, for example, full-time female employees earned roughly 62% of what their male counterparts earned; today, women earn around 81% of men in their positions. We haven’t reached equality yet, but we’re a heck of a lot closer – and it’s thanks to the dramatic contributions that women have made in the work force over the past 40 years!

In some fields, women have made major inroads. In 2010, women accounted for 52% of all management, professional and related occupations. Yes! That’s right! Women are finally equally represented, at least from an employment basis, in management and professional occupations! Also in 2010, women accounted for the majority of all workers in financial services and in education and health services! Women’s roles in these pivotal fields are a testament to how far we’ve come, and the significance of our presence in the workforce.

Celebrate You!
When you’re enjoying your Labor Day celebrations today, take a moment to think about the holiday. It’s more than a long weekend. It’s a day to celebrate YOU. Be proud of how far women have come in the workforce! And if you don’t have time to celebrate yourself today, make a date with yourself for sometime soon!

Treat yourself. Get a pedicure. Enjoy a haircut. Splurge on a nice dinner or an elaborate desert. Buy that piece of jewelry or kitchen gadget you’ve been wanting. Or really turn the tide and treat yourself to a new power tool or some electronic gizmo, and buck the gender roles completely!

Whatever you do, remember to celebrate YOU and the contribution that you make to the world! And if you want to treat yourself to a new bra or a swimsuit, we’ve got our midsummer clearance giving you up to 80% off on select styles! So don’t feel guilty buying yourself something nice – feel pride as you think about what Labor Day is really about!

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