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Think Outside the Box – Cozy Winter Loungewear!

Ok, ladies – how often do we get a chance to use our swimwear during the winter? If you live in the north half of the country, unless you take a winter vacation to warmer weather, you pretty much don’t break out your swimwear again until spring, am I right? Well, today we’re going to look at ways you can break that swimwear out in the middle of winter, and justify asking for that hot new swimwear for Christmas! When you’re thinking of lounging on your couch, in your bedroom or in front of a roaring fire with a cup of hot cocoa, think jersey and think swimwear coverup!

Jersey Fabric is Comfortable and Cozy!
Many of our swimwear designers use jersey fabric to make coverups and wraps, which makes these garments an ideal candidate for winter repurposing! Jersey cotton is soft and super comfortable – it feels great against the skin, and offers the kind of luxurious softness you want when you’re lounging. For indoor loungewear, pair it with your favorite pair of sweats, comfy socks and add a sweater, fleece or hoodie over the top if you need it. It doesn’t get any comfier than this without wearing your pajamas all day! But best of all, these swimsuit wraps are also stylish, so you can pair most of them with a pair of jeans and wear them out to run errands, do your Christmas shopping or have coffee with your friends. Super comfy, cozy and stylish? What’s not to like!

Freya Cabana Coverup Jersey Dress
The Freya Cabana Coverup Jersey Dress is a great candidate for winter loungewear. This coverup features cute sleeves that cover your shoulders, picot trim on hem and sleeves, and beaded tie detailing on the waist. Empire waist with a V-neckline with buttons running down; pair it with a sexy push-up bra, plunge bra or balcony bra for great cleavage and enjoy the awesomeness of repurposing your swimwear coverup to become a great part of your winter wardrobe!

Freya Jersey Slouch Dress Coverup Options
Freya also offers a few great Jersey Slouch Dress coverup options if that’s a style you like, and these swimwear coverups are equally at home at the beach, lounging on your couch or paired with jeans and sported around town! Choose from the Freya Encore Jersey Slouch Dress 3018; the Freya Encore Swimwear Accessory Wrap 3168; or the Freya Encore Swimwear Accessory Wrap 3113. These Jersey slouch dresses all feature great, wide rounded necklines, cute pockets and various styling options. Pair them with cute belts or chunky necklaces for the ultimate out around town look.

Fantasie Zambia Jersey Tunic
The Fantasie Zambia Jersey Tunic is another great swimwear coverup that you can repurpose for winter loungewear or wearing out around town. This Jersey tunic is full-coverage, with slightly longer sleeves and a longer drape down the thigh, but works great paired with skinny or straight-leg jeans and a killer pair of boots. With coverage like this, you can wear it around the house as-is, or pair it with your favorite lounge pants to keep you warm, cozy and comfortable all winter long!

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