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The Value of a Good Maternity Bra

Maternity bras are some of the most important undergarments you’ll ever buy. The right maternity bra offers a broad range of benefits that most women don’t even realize. Some women choose not to buy maternity bras, and instead stick with their regular bras as long as possible, and then buy normal bras in larger cup sizes instead of shopping for maternity bras. This is a really bad idea, and here’s why:

Maternity Bras are Designed for Your Changing Body
Unlike traditional bras, maternity bras are designed for your changing body. Maternity bras are specially tailored to women whose breasts are growing due to the hormones of pregnancy. As you progress through your pregnancy, your mammary glands will begin to swell and your breasts will eventually become heavy with milk.

Every pregnancy is different, but your breast size could change by as much as an entire cup size in as little as a week – or more. Traditional bras aren’t designed to accommodate those changes, but maternity bras are specially made for a body with swelling breasts and the demands of pregnancy. Check out our maternity bras fit guide for information about finding the right maternity bra for your body.

Maternity Bras Provide the Support You Need
Maternity bras also provide you with more support than traditional bras, which can be vital for retaining your breasts’ shape throughout your pregnancy. A traditional bra might simply not provide enough support for your breasts as they grow heavier, which causes strain on the connective tissue of the breasts.

This can lead to stretch marks and sagging and drooping after pregnancy, and without proper support, your breasts may never regain their original size and shape. Because maternity bras are designed to accommodate your changing body and provide the support you need, they can help your breasts retain their shape throughout pregnancy, and prevent long-term damage.

Maternity/Nursing Bras Provide Medical and Practical Benefits
Maternity and nursing bras also provide medical and practical benefits. As your body changes throughout your pregnancy, you may begin to experience discomfort. Pregnant women often experience an aching back, achy shoulders or neck and sometimes headache pain. Much of this pain can be alleviated by the use of a proper bra.

This discomfort often stems from wearing a traditional bra that doesn’t provide the support you need. Traditional bras have narrow straps that can cut into your shoulders, or may have designs that put the burden of your bust’s weight on your back and shoulders instead of the design of the bra. A good maternity bra can alleviate all of that discomfort.

Whether you’re looking or plus size maternity bras, maternity nursing bras or even maternity briefs, Big Girls’ Bras makes it easy for you to find the size and style you need. Check out our maternity and nursing bra collection, and many of our designers also offer matching maternity briefs. Don’t ignore your changing body and try to hang onto traditional bras that can cause long-term damage to your breasts. Find the right maternity and nursing bras for your body, and enjoy all of the benefits that an appropriate bra can provide.

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