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The Twelve Days of Christmas – Big Girls’ Bras Style!

Most of us grew up on the Twelve Days of Christmas song – stretching our memories to recall exactly how many of what on each day, and amusing ourselves by imagining the crazy scenes that must ensue with each gift! (Did you know that to give all 12 Days of Christmas from the song would cost more than $100,000 in today’s economy?)

Well, here at Big Girls’ Bras, we’ve decided to celebrate our own Twelve Days of Christmas – our style! Take advantage of these great savings to stretch your holiday shopping dollars – even if you don’t have $100,000 to spend! Get something special for yourself, or share the details with friends and family to help everyone stock up on their favorite bras, panties, swimwear and shapewear for the holidays!

Unwrap a Little Holiday Joy Everyday
Every day during the 12 Days of Christmas event here at Big Girls’ Bras, we’re unwrapping new special opportunities for you! These savings might include percent off coupon codes, free shipping promotions, deep savings on specific brands, and even gift card promotions!

Don’t forget to check back every day to see what deals we’re offering, get new coupon codes, and find out what brands are featuring special savings for the day!

Also, during the 12 Days of Christmas sales, we’re selecting a single order every day at random to receive a present from Big Girls’ Bras – a BGB gift card in the amount shown for that day!

Don’t miss out on these great holiday savings – check back everyday between now and December 15 to find out what special holiday deals Big Girls’ Bras has to offer! Don’t forget to share the details with friends and family – they might enjoy their own great deals, and you can use the opportunity to remind them what you’d like to get for the holidays!

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Give the Gift of Bras, Panties, Shapewear and Swimsuits!
Not sure what to get her? If you’ve checked out our series last week on Holiday Shopping Guide to Bras – for Men! and still aren’t sure, there’s always the safe option of BGB gift cards! Treat her to something special AND let her get what she wants the most with a Big Girls’ Bras gift card.

To make it easier for everyone, you can buy her a gift card now, and when she’s ready to use it, she can get a free fitting session over the phone with a Big Girls Bras fit expert!

You really can’t lose with a BGB gift card, so if you haven’t pulled the trigger yet on a beautiful holiday gift from Big Girls Bras, it’s time!

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