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The Today Show Does a Piece on Online Bra Shopping

If you watch the Today show, you probably saw the piece they did recently on online bra shopping! Obviously this is a subject near and dear to our hearts here at Big Girls Bras, so we wanted to highlight a few of their key findings (and refute a bit of erroneous information, too!) Here’s what the Today show talked about in their online bra buying analysis:

The Today Show Samples Online Bra Shopping
If you didn’t see the segment, the Today show had three women buy bras online from three different websites. When the bras came, the women tried them on, talked about their experiences and whether they’d shop online again (and whether they liked the bras!)

The first woman used an online bra retailer with a long questionnaire that gave her a ton of choices. It sounds like she spent quite a while going through the ordering process. (For the record, we try to make things as easy as possible for you here at Big Girls Bras – you won’t find long online questionnaires before you place an order here!) When she got the bras, one was the wrong size, in spite of the lengthy questionnaire. She said she’d probably return the bra, and overall she hadn’t been converted to the online experience.

The second woman ordered two bras, both of which were too small, in spite of her ordering the size she normally wore. Both bras were the wrong style for her body type. It’s probably that she’s wearing the wrong bra size in her day-to-day life, and needs to adjust her bra size before she gets good results from online ordering.

The third woman got one bra that fit properly, and one that wasn’t the right size based on the style and her body type. Overall, she was quite happy with the experience. When asked if she’d shop online for bras again, she said “it’s easier than going to a store.”

Overall, the Today show found that shopping online was easier than going to a store, and more and more women are doing it. It sounds like they’re in agreement with us that online bra shopping is the best way to go!

You Have to Know Your Bra Size – Use Our Fit Guide to Figure Out Your Size
The thing that became very clear in the Today show segment is that in order to have success with online bra shopping, you really have to know your size! Don’t just assume that the size you’ve been wearing is the right size. The second woman on the segment ordered her “normal” bra size, and both bras were too tight, which suggests that the size she normally buys isn’t the right size.

If you want to get the best results when you buy bras online, figure out your correct size! We’ve got some great fit guides to help you with where to measure and how to fit yourself to determine your bra size. Also, keep in mind that different manufacturers sometimes size their bras differently, so consult our manufacturers size details to confirm the correct size you should be wearing in each manufacturer. And check reviews from other shoppers to see if a manufacturer tends to run small or has other fit quirks!

A Note on Online Bra Pricing
One of the things they said at the end of the Today show segment was a note about bra pricing. A quote was tossed out saying: “Most of the prices in the stores are about $13.50 on average. But these sites offer like $65 on average.” This quote is a little misleading. Department stores carry limited selection, and many of the bras they carry fall into this range. But stores that carry a wider selection have bras ranging from low price points all the way up to $100+.

The same is true here at Big Girls Bras. We’ve got bras under $20 for the value-minded shopper. But because we have a wider selection, we can also offer you high-end bras that will last longer and have more customization of fit and design at higher price points.

Misleading pricing generalization aside, the Today show has it right – online bra shopping is easier, and you get the benefits of great selection and easy returns if you need to change styles or sizes.

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