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The Science of Bra Cups

The bra cups are responsible for providing support for your bust, and for the shaping your bra offers. Different types of bra cups are suitable under different types of clothes, and some cups offer more support than others. What do you need to know about this vital components of bra design?

The Bra Cup is Key
Remember how we said that the band provides most of the support in a bra design? It’s because of the cups. The band supports the cups, and the cups support the bust. Without good bra cups, the band can’t provide support and you’ll be relying on your shoulder straps to take the weight of your bust – and that’s a bad thing if you’ve got an average-sized or big bust.

A bra cup absolutely has to fit properly in order to provide the right support and shaping. Somewhere between 80 and 90 percent of women are wearing the wrong bra size, and the most common bra sizing issue is having a band that’s too large and a cup that’s too small. If your bra doesn’t seem to fit properly, try a larger cup.

Your breasts should comfortably fit the cup, but they shouldn’t spill over the top or underneath the cup. Spilling out around the outside of the cup means the cup is too small. If the underwire band rests against breast tissue, the cup is too small. The underwire should sit under your breast against your rib cage, and should curl up around the side of your breast to the root of your breast tissue where it meets the chest, typically just under the arm or just in front of the arm.

The Secret of Underwires
Underwires are great because they distribute the weight of the bust more evenly to the bra band. Underwire bras provide more support by distributing this weight and letting the band support the cups, in turn supporting your breasts. Underwire bras are less prone to sagging, and the additional structure of an underwire cup is great for big-busted women.

Underwire bras enhance support

Types of Bra Cups
Bra cups come in many shapes and styles. Padded bra cups can offer shaping, or can help offset slightly asymmetrical breasts. Molded cups are seamless, and can look great under a t-shirt. Push up bras have cups designed to push the breasts up and sometimes closet together, providing great cleavage. Minimizer bras do the opposite; redistributing the breast tissue to help the bust appear smaller. Nursing bras; medical bras; demi bras; full-cup bras; the types of bra cups are practically endless, and each one of them is suited for a different application.

Sectioned Bra Cups
Sectioned bra cups are something that some designers offer to provide additional support and shaping. It’s not uncommon to see full-cup bras and sports bras with sectioned cups, as sections enable designers to have more control over shape and to offer reinforced support panels where needed. Sectioned bra cups can be great for big-busted women, but be conscious of seams when you buy a bra with sectioned cups. The seams may show under t-shirts and close-fitting shirts, and seams can also cause discomfort if you have sensitive breasts or nipples.

Sectioned Bra Cups Provide Great Support and Shaping

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