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The Right Bras to Help Bad Posture

Posture bras can make a big difference in your life. If you’re a large-busted or fuller-figured woman who has trouble finding a bra that fits properly, or who finds that bras simply don’t provide the support you need, posture bras can make your life comfortable and pain-free. Without the right bra, you can experience back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain or even long-term sagging and drooping that can tear your breast tissue. Posture bras can relieve that worry by providing you with ample support and comfort, and they can help you stand up tall again and wear your wardrobe with confidence.

Curvation Posture Underwire Bra
One popular posture bra here at Big Girls’ Bras is the Curvation Underwire Posture Bra. This Curvation bra has a criss-cross back design to provide bilateral support, improving posture and giving you a more trim, perky appearance. This bra has a front-close to make it easy to put on, and fleece-lined seamless cups that provide you with the comfortable coverage you need but look smooth and invisible under clothes. The seamless cups make it a great t-shirt posture bra, and it looks great under form-fitting clothes.

Exquisite Form Fully Posture Bra
The Exquisite Form Fully Posture Bra is a longline bra that provides the support, comfort and shaping you’ve been craving. As a longline bra, this bra is better structured to support posture and give you a beautiful, trim figure. This Exquisite Form bra has a reinforced crisscross power net to straighten shoulders and support your back, providing you with more comfort than a traditional bra and improving your posture.

This longline lace posture bra by Exquisite Form also has comfortable double-support undercups, a two-inch stretch band to prevent ride-up and unique, cushioned camisole straps to provide comfort even for large-busted or full-figured women. This Exquisite Form Fully Longline Posture Bra is comfortable and functional.

Elila Makes Several Posture Bras
Elila is a brand that has several entries in our posture bra collection. Elila offers a Front Hook Posture Bra, a Front Hook Longline Posture Bra and a Rear Hook Longline Posture Bra. These Elila posture bras have comfortable, supportive design features, such as back support panels, comfortable three-piece cups and great support structures built into the bras. Check out our Elila posture bras.

Look for Posture Support in Non-Posture Bras
While posture bras are specially designed with back support and posture in mind, posture bras aren’t the only bras to help bad posture. You can look for similar posture-support features in non-posture oriented bras. Look for things like reinforced backs, wide straps and a support structure built into the bra. This may take the form of side support panels, criss-cross designs and other design features that are intended to relieve pressure on your body and permit the bra itself to support your bust. Even if you don’t buy a posture support bra, look for a well-fitted bra that provides good support features to help improve your posture on a daily basis.

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