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The Right Bra for the Rectangle or Banana Shaped Body

Women do not come in one-size-fits-all bodies, or even one-style-fits-all. Realistically, the most common body types that women have can be broken down into four categories, and only a small minority have the golden ratio of the typical “hourglass” figure. Most women have different body shapes, but with the right understanding of your body shape, you can dress to look your best and help balance out the proportions of your body. If you have a rectangle or banana-shaped body, you can balance out your silhouette by choosing the right bra and wearing the right clothes!

Do You Have a Banana Body Shape?
Women who have a rectangle or banana body shape tend to be more muscular and athletic. Women with this body type often lack a clearly defined waist; instead, they have a more rectangular, straight silhouette. The North Carolina State University study we’ve been citing this week in our statistics for body shape indicates that nearly half of women are rectangles or banana shape, making this the most common body shape. The artful use of bras and clothing can help break up this straight silhouette and provide a more dramatic body ratio that more closely resembles the traditional ‘hourglass.’

Balconnet bras and other cleavage-enhancing bras are best for bananas.

The Right Bra for the Rectangle or Banana Shaped Body
With a rectangle or banana-shaped body, you want to emphasize your cleavage and look for bras that narrow your shoulders and feminize your figure. A cleavage-enhancing bra with wide-set straps, like a balconnete, is a great choice for women with this body type. The wide-set straps narrow your shoulders, and can help feminize your figure. Cleavage-enhancing bras make you seem bigger on top, and can help offset the lack of a defined waistline by creating more dramatic proportions.

The Wrong Bra for Banana Body Shapes
The wrong bra for banana and rectangle body shapes is any bra that minimizes or compresses. Avoid minimizer bras, and you should also avoid wearing sports bras out and about; keep them in the gym. Bras that compress your chest make your shoulders seem broader and your chest wider. They don’t feminize your body or help your silhouette.

Dressing a Banana Body
When you’ve got a banana body, structure is your friend. Look for clothes that can help you create curves in your silhouette that your body lacks naturally. A structured coat that cinches with a belt can be figure-flattering, as can wearing belted dresses or shirts – anything that creates a waistline. Wear clothes that skim the body; not clothes that cling, as clingy clothes can just show off your lack of curves.

If you’re petite, stick to slim and straight-fitted bottoms and dresses. Small prints work well to break up your silhouette, and go with hemlines above or at the knee. High heels can help elongate the body, and shapewear that cinches the waist can help you create a better-defined waistline under your clothing.

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