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The Right Bra for Hourglass Shapes

We’re looking at body shapes this week here at Big Girls’ Bras. To find the right bra, we know that you not only have to know what band size and cup size you need, but also your body style. The ideally proportioned body is the elusive hourglass shape, but many women don’t have this shape naturally. However, wearing the right bra and dressing in the right fabrics, cuts and colors can help to provide the proportions of an hourglass figure. Fortunately, if you’re one of the few women who naturally have an hourglass figure, your options are the most flexible.

Do You Have an Hourglass Shape?
The North Carolina State University study conducted in 2005 found that only 8 percent of women have a natural hourglass shape, making this the most elusive body type. Women with an hourglass shape are evenly proportioned on the top and bottom, with noticeable narrowing at the waist.

An hourglass shape typically has a waistline that’s approximately 10 inches narrower than the hips, and even measurements on top and bottom. The British Association of Model Agents says that the ideal female model should be 34-24-34, but even fuller-figured women can be hourglass shaped because hourglass women typically gain weight evenly all over the body. Hourglass women typically have moderate to full busts, and the challenge for hourglass-shaped women is to accentuate the curves when they dress.

Cleavage-enhancing bras can help you show off your curves.

The Right Bra for the Hourglass Shape
If you’re an hourglass-shaped women, there’s good news: you can wear almost any bra! There are no particular “dos” and “don’ts” about the right bra for an hourglass woman, except that you might want to accentuate those curves. Maintaining the golden proportion is your big priority.

Bras that enhance your cleavage and further emphasize your hourglass shape can be an asset, but if you’ve already got a fuller bust, you might want to avoid too much enhancement or you could appear top-heavy. Likewise, bras that compress your bust, such as sports bras and minimizer bras, can diminish your sexy proportions, so it’s probably not a good idea to wear those out and about.

Choose a full-cup bra if you've got a big bust and need support.

It’s really all about your exact proportions, and whether you tend toward larger on top or smaller on top. Wear the bras that work best for your proportions. If you’ve got a larger bust, a full-coverage bra is always a good idea to provide the support you need.

How to Dress an Hourglass Shape
Dressing an hourglass shape is relatively simple; you just want to emphasize your curves, as this body type represents the “ideal” ratio. Avoid baggy clothes, and avoid straight lines. Wide-legged jeans can be a great way to show off your curves, as can wrap dresses and tailored jackets and blouses. Consider adding waist-cinching belts to jackets, dresses and shirts to show off your curves.

All types of skirts can look great on an hourglass figure, and pretty much any clothes that accentuate your natural curves. You can also pick clothes that highlight features you want to show off, such as killer legs or sexy cleavage. Just avoid baggy clothes and look for things that cinch at the waist or draw attention to the narrowest part of your body to show off your natural curves.

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