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The Most Common Size and Fit Mistakes

We’re going to keep saying it, ladies – 80 percent of you are wearing the wrong bra size! How can you tell if you’re wearing the wrong size, and what happens in a poorly-fitted bra? Here are a few of the most common size and fit mistakes.

Band Size too Large
Possibly the single most common issue that women have with bra sizing is that the band size is too large. The band of your bra should lie flat against your back. Have someone hook a finger under the band of your bra and pull it away from your back. If the band has much room to stretch, it’s too large! Also look out for the center gore tacking between your breasts; if it doesn’t tack, it’s probably too large.

Cup Size Too Small
When the band size is too large, the cup size is often too small. When your cup size is too small, it can push your bra away from your body. If there’s space between the underwire and your skin, your cup size is too small. If the cups are filled completely and the center gore isn’t tacking, your breasts may be pushing the bra away from your body, meaning the cups are too small. Also, if the underwire is on breast tissue instead of bone and flush against your body, the cup is too small.

Underwire Digging into Breasts
If the underwire is digging into your breasts, or your breast tissue is spilling out under the cup and along the sides of the cup, your cup size is too small. Look for a larger cup size with a smaller band size.

Breast Tissue Spilling Over Cups
The dreaded “double boob” happens when your breast tissue spills out or bulges over the tops of your cups. When this happens, your cup size is too small. Get a larger cup size.

Back of Bra Rides Up
If the back of the bra rides up or stretches during the day, the band size may be too large or the elasticity of the bra may be wearing out. If this happens, you may need a smaller band size and a larger cup size.

Bra Doesn’t Move with You
If the bra moves when you move but doesn’t move with you, it’s typically because the band size is too large. Get a smaller band size and a larger cup size. A properly fitted bra moves with you and provides you the support you need.

Cup Fabric is Wrinkled
If the cup fabric is wrinkled at the top of the cup or all over the cup, your cup size may be too large. If the cup fabric is wrinkled at the tip of the cup, the cup may be too small. Look for other signs of cup size issues, such as where the underwire fits, whether the center gore is tacking and whether the breast tissue spills out over the cup or seems droopy inside of the bra.

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