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The BGB 12 Days of Christmas Sale is Coming to a Close!

Have you been the lucky recipient of a $25 gift card? Have you gotten a great deal on your favorite bra designer, swimwear or shapewear? Have you bought yourself a little something special yet? If the answer is “No” – what are you waiting for?! The Big Girls’s Bras 12 Days of Christmas Sale is drawing to a close; today is Day 11, and there’s only one more day left! If you’ve been waiting to place you order, now is the time to stop waiting! Take advantage of the 12 Days of Christmas Sale by placing your order today or tomorrow to make your holiday dollars stretch further!

Treat Yourself to Something You Wouldn’t Buy Otherwise
Many families across the country have had to buckle down and cut back on every day expenses as a result of the tight economy. Maybe you think paying a lot of money for a bra or piece of swimwear is irresponsible, or you can’t justify it with the other cutbacks you’re making. If this sounds like you, the Big Girls’ Bras 12 Days of Christmas Sale is a great opportunity to splurge and treat yourself to something you wouldn’t buy otherwise!

One of today’s sale features, for example, is a 20% off coupon code. Maybe you wouldn’t buy a $100 swimsuit normally, but with this great coupon code, you’d only pay $80 – and today you’d get free shipping! Splurge a little to buy yourself something nice that fits properly, and see how much you enjoy it! If you’re like most of us, once you’re wearing it, you’ll consider it money well spent – and saved!

Experiment with New Brands
If you’ve been thinking about buying a brand you’ve never worn before, the 12 Days of Christmas Sale is a great time to experiment with new brands! You’ll save on the purchase, and may save even more if you select one of our brands that is on sale. Combined with today’s free shipping promo on US orders over $45, you’ll pay less. If it turns out you’re not a fan of the brand, or the fit isn’t quite right for your body – you won’t feel bad about experimenting! With our great return policy, you can send things back that don’t fit properly – but you might just find a new favorite at a great price!

Consider Multifunctional Garments
Yesterday’s blog post was about repurposing Jersey fabric swimwear wraps for winter loungewear, which gives you a great way to wear your swimwear in the winter! But this isn’s the only way you can make your wardrobe relevant in multiple ways. A sports bra, for example, can be a really comfortable bra for housework, running errands or watching the kids. That shapewear you got for your fancy evening gown might also make you feel more confident in an important meeting at work. Experiment with different ways to wear your wardrobe in your everyday life, and consider the value you’re getting from multifunctional garments. And then take advantage of the 12 Days of Christmas Sale before it’s over – today or tomorrow! – to stock up on some great multifunctional pieces for your wardrobe.

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