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The Best Swimsuits for Tanning

The best swimsuits for swimming and the best swimsuits for tanning are often two entirely different things. Swimsuits for swimming tend to cover more of the body, have fewer tie-straps and are designed to stay in place as you move and are active. Swimsuits for tanning are often minimal, with coverage more focused on preventing visible tan lines than protecting your modesty. If you’ve been looking for a killer swimsuit for tanning, whether at the tanning bed or at the beach, we’ve got a couple of great swimwear picks for you:

Sunsets Separates Swimsuit Tops Shirred Bandeau Bikini Top Style 61T
This is one of our top picks for swimsuits for tanning for a couple of important reasons. First, this bandeau-style swimwear top has removable spaghetti straps. Even if you choose to wear them, the tan lines are minimal. And you can easily remove them if you want to avoid strap tan lines altogether. The band ties in back, with minimal back coverage, so you’ll only have a minimal tan line low across your back if you wear it tied, or you can even untie it to eliminate that tan line. And finally, the shirred cups are easily adjusted to create minimal coverage, which is just great for tanning.

Sunsets Separates Swimsuit Bottoms Ruffle Tie Side Bikini Bottom Style 8B
If you’re looking for a nice, minimal bottom for tanning, the Sunsets Separates Tie Side Bikini Bottom Style 8B fits the bill perfectly. This tie side bottom minimizes tan lines on your hips and thighs, and this bikini offers very minimal coverage – it’s definitely not designed for modesty. And of course, as a tie side bottom, you can untie it when you’re in a tanning bed and move the suit around as needed to minimize tan lines. It doesn’t get much more ideal for tanning than this!

Sunsets Separates Swimsuit Tops Padded Slider Triangle Bikini Top Style 41T
If you’re looking for a slightly more modest swimsuit that you can wear to tan at the beach, but still have the flexibility to adjust to minimize tan lines, give the Sunsets Separates Padded Slider Triangle Bikini Top Style 41T a try! This style features a classic triangle top, with adjustable spaghetti straps that tie at the neck and back – minimizing strap tan line. You can remove the cups and adjust the triangles as needed for less coverage, to get just what you want for tanning. This style is great for tanning at the beach!

Sunsets Separates Swimsuit Bottoms Soft Tie Side Bikini Bottom Style 11B
You need a bottom to pair with your beach tanning bikini? Go with the Sunsets Separates Swimsuit Bottoms Soft Tie Side Bikini Bottom Style 11B. This style features adjustable tie-sides, and you can customize how you wear it for minimal or moderate coverage. This is perfect if you want a bit more coverage at the beach, or if you want to adjust the coverage more toward the minimal side as you get comfortable or if you’re in an isolated area. And it’s really cute with the triangle bikini top style 41T!

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