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The Best Swimsuit Designs for Large-Busted Women

Freya SwimsuitsThe swimsuit designs that smaller-busted women might choose aren’t necessarily the right choice for large-busted women. Look for swimwear designs that are flattering and provide ample support for women with large busts; don’t just try to squeeze yourself into smaller swimwear. The right swimwear designs can make sure you enjoy your time at the beach or pool without worrying about your swimsuit.

Keep the Top Simple
Finding good swimwear for large-busted women is a delicate balance of finding good, supportive swimwear and finding swimwear that gives you the right look. Many women like the look of stylish swimwear with patterns or decorative flourishes. Unfortunately, these flourishes aren’t a good match for large-busted women. Instead, women with large busts should focus on a simple top in order to minimize the attention drawn to the bust.

Avoid things like bows, flowers or fancy cuts on the top. Steer clear of tops that have ornamentation that draws attention to the bust. Simple black or brown swimsuits for large busted women provide the best look for the top; to minimize the bust and avoid drawing extra attention to the chest.

Mix and Match Patterns
Simple tops are the rule of thumb for large-busted women, but that doesn’t mean a swimsuit has to be plain or boring. One technique that works well, particularly with 2-piece swimsuits for large busted women, is to mix and match the patterns on the top and the bottom to provide a unique way to express yourself. Keep the pattern on the top simple, or even go with a solid-color top, and find a fun complementary pattern for the bottom. For example, you could go with a simple purple top and a skirted swimsuit bottom with a crazy pattern.

A simple top with ample support can help control your bust, even when you’re active, and flourishes, design features or patterns on the bottom can still express your personality. Belted swimsuit bottoms can be cute, and provide a little detailing that can complement a plain, simple top. No matter what your tastes and preferences, a little looking can give you a complementary top and bottom that works well for large-busted women while still providing a fun swimsuit.

Look for Full Coverage on the Top
The cut of a swimsuit top is extremely important for a large-busted women. Some of the most flattering designs include two-piece v-neck swimsuits for large-busted women, or swimsuit tops with a high, square neckline. Avoid a v-neck swimsuit that plunges too low or shows too much of the bust, as those can draw too much attention in the wrong places, and may not provide ample support. If you go with a square-cut swimsuit top, look for something that covers the bust adequately but doesn’t go too high on the neckline. If the swimsuit top is too high, it can actually draw more attention to the bust. You may have to try several coverage styles to find the right fit and design for you.

Popular Swimwear Brands for Large Bust Swimsuits
These brands offer style variety, actual bra sizes, and sexy, modern designs. Fantasie, Freya, Sunsets, Swim Systems, Panache, Tara Grinna.

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