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The Best Sport Bras for Cycling

Over the past decade, but particularly in the past 5 years, cycling has enjoyed a major bump in popularity. As we become a more health-conscious country, we’re constantly looking for new ways to exercise. Spin classes have become popular at the gym, but some women prefer to get outdoors when they exercise. Cycling is also a cost-effective (and environmentally-friendly!) alternative to driving if you’ve got a suitable commute to work. And then, of course, mountain cycling gives you a fun new way to explore nature and enjoy the trails. So which are the best sports bras for cycling?

The Best Sport Bras for Road Cycling
Road cycling requires significantly less impact protection and bounce-control than the alternative mountain cycling. With road cycling, you’re typically traveling over a smooth surface at a measured pace. Low-impact sports bras are great for road cycling; you can enjoy the comfort of a bra that moves with you but isn’t too restrictive, and take advantage of the moisture-wicking, fast-drying fabrics when you work up a sweat. Fuller-busted women or women who do more active road cycling may want to opt for a medium-impact sports bra just for the extra hold, but it’s purely a personal preference.

Our top picks for road cycling sports bras are:

  • Leading Lady Cotton and Spandex Seamless Softcup Bra 514: This Leading Lady cotton sports bra is great for casual weekend cyclists. It’s a cost-effective option, and women love it for being soft, comfortable and moving with them. Because it’s 95% cotton, it may not be best for cycling in hot, humid environments.
  • Anita Active CoolMax Sports Bras 5521: The Anita Active CoolMax Sports Bra 5521 is a more active-lifestyle-oriented sports bra that offers the best of all worlds: a soft, comfortable fit, moisture-wicking microfiber and a design that provides support for a more serious level of road cycling.


The Best Sport Bras for Mountain Cycling
Mountain cycling is a lot more active than road cycling; when you’re mountain biking, you’re moving around on the bike, standing up, shifting your weight and forging a path among and around natural obstacles. You might be riding up a steep hillside, avoiding rocks and logs or just winding your way across a narrow ridgeline trail – but whatever you’re doing, it involves a lot more moving (and bouncing!) than road cycling. For that reason, most mountain cycling experts recommend a high-impact sports bra to keep you comfortable and supported while you ride.

Our top picks for mountain cycling sports bras are:

  • Anita Rose Faia Sport BH Sports Bra 5527: The Anita Rose Faia sports bra is a great compromise between support and comfort. This is a soft cup bra with no underwire, so women who prefer a wire-free sports bra love it. Double-layered construction provides extra support and bounce control, and the bra is made with an extra fine microfiber breathable fabric to keep you comfortable and dry while you ride.
  • Champion Double Dry Distance Underwire Sports Bra 6209: This High MCR Champion Sports Bra is perfect for mountain cycling! Side support panels and hidden underwire offer the support you need, and this bra contains stretch molded cups to provide natural shaping; no uni-boob with this bra! Moisture wicking fabrics and built-in support features make this a no-brainer for your next mountain biking bra.


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