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The Best Bras for Women with Wide Shoulders

This week here at Big Girls Bras, we’re taking a look at some common fit problems that women experience, and how to find the right bra for your body. Today, we’re going to explore fit challenges for women with wide shoulders! It’s not just narrow shoulders that present a challenge; women with wide shoulders may find that they feel or look “unbalanced” in the wrong bra, or they may find the bra doesn’t fit properly or pinches and pokes when they wear it. If you’ve got wide shoulders, which bra is best for you?

The Challenge of Wide Shoulders
Women with wide shoulders tend to have the opposite problem as women with narrow shoulders; it can be difficult to find a bra with a wide enough neckline to fit properly. If you’ve got broad shoulders, you want to look for things like wide-set straps to better fit your neckline, and to stay out of site if you want to wear a low-cut or square-necked top. Women with wide shoulders may also find that bras that are too narrow in design may dig into them uncomfortably, or have straps that are difficult to take on and off or don’t seem to lay in the right place. If you’re correspondingly wider in frame – for example, if your chest is also wider – you may have difficulty finding bras that offers the right degree of breast separation and an appropriate center gore for the best support.

If you’ve got broader shoulders, there isn’t a particular style you need to be looking for. Instead, look for straps that are wider-set, a wider center gore if you need more breast separation, and underwires that will fall in the appropriate place. Adjustable straps will be easier to get on and off, and enable you to customize the fit appropriately. A front-close bra may be easier to put on and take off if your mobility is impaired.

Our Top Bra Picks for Women with Wide Shoulders
The Fantasie of England Underwired Balcony Bra 6010 is great for a woman with broader shoulders. This bra features beautiful, wide-set straps that are aligned with the edge of the bra cups, giving you a nice wide neckline that’ll look and fit better on broad-shouldered women. The center gore is nice and wide, to provide support and stability for women who have a wider, open chest. And this bra is elegant and sexy, with beautiful embroidery and satin simplex that create an unforgettable look.

If you’re looking for a good t-shirt bra for wide shoulders, the Le Mystere Tisha T-Shirt Sweater Bra 955 is a great pick. This is one of our most popular bras, with hidden underwire and microfiber fabric combining to create a smooth, comfortable look. The bra straps are set nice and wide, and it’ll disappear under your t-shirts and form-fitted tops. This is one of our best everyday bras for wide-shouldered women.

Full-figured women will love the Carnival Full Figure Casuals Invisible Front Closure Bra 506. This bra features the nice wide neckline and wide-set straps that are perfect for a broad-shouldered woman, and the simple front clasp makes this bra easy to slip on. Adjustable straps let you customize the fit, making this an ideal bra for your needs.

Remember: wide set adjustable straps and an appropriate center gore are key for women with wider shoulders. Find a bra that matches your body and you’ll love how you look!

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