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The Best Bras for Women with Short Torsos

This week, we’re taking a look at the best bras for women who face various fit challenges. Today, we’re going to look at the best bras for women who have short torsos! Women with short torsos often find that bras pinch them under their arms, or underwires or bands don’t fit properly. By shopping for a bra that fits your body type better, you can avoid these common fit issues and finally feel comfortable – and look great – in one of our fabulous bras!

The Challenge of a Short Torso
Women who have short torsos tend not to have as much space between the waistline and the shoulders. This can make it difficult to find clothes that fit in a balanced manner, but it can also affect how your bra fits. Women who have short torsos may find that the underwire comes up too high under the arm, and pinches or digs into the skin under the arm, chafing or causing painful pinching. These women may also find that full coverage bras seem to come up too high on the body, or that the cups are too high. Finally, the band can be troublesome for women with short torsos. If the band is too wide, it may not lay properly for women who are more full-figured, and even women who aren’t may find that the band is too wide to be comfortable or look flattering.

If you’ve got a short torso, look for cups that provide partial coverage, like a demi cup bra or a balcony bra. You’ll find that bras with thin bands or bandless bras fit best and look best on this body type. And finally, look for bras whose underwires don’t come up too high; a high underwire may provide more support, but it’s also more likely to dig into or pinch you in the armpit area.

Our Top Bra Picks for Women with a Short Torso
The Elomi Kenya Underwire Bandless Molded Cup Bra 8130 is one of our top picks for women with a short torso. Not only is this bandless style perfect for short-waisted women, but it also features a lower center front and underarm to keep from pinching or digging into women with short torsos. It’s extremely soft and comfortable, and the stretch embroidered side frame helps give a natural, rounded shape with good support without adding volume to your bust.

If you want a little more luxury and feminine styling, the Prima Donna Deauville Collection Full Figure Underwire Bra 0161813 is a great choice for short-waisted women. This bra features deep cups to provide support for full-busted women, and a lower band for optimal fit that’s extremely well-suited for women who have a short waist. This fabulous Prima Donna bra features a ton of fabulous design features and feminine styling that will appeal to any woman who just wants to feel pretty.

Another great style by Elomi, the Elomi Cleo Underwire Bandless Bra 8001, is great for women who face short torso fit challenges. This bandless style features less fabric under the cups, which can prevent rolling and uncomfortable fit issues, in a supportive, functional design that won’t break the bank. If you’re just looking for a good, solid bra that’s well-suited for a short-waisted woman, this one is a great option.

Give it a try, ladies! Look for bras that are shorter under the arm, with shorter cups and bandless styles to get the best fit on a short-waisted body. And see for yourself how great you look and feel when you bra fits you properly!

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