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The Best Bras for Women with Large Busts and Small Bands

One of the most difficult sizing combinations to find are small band sizes with large cup sizes. Most department store retailers seem to assume that if you’ve got a small band size, you’ve got a small bust, too! Here at Big Girls’ Bras, we know that’s not the case – it’s not unheard-of for women in K and JJ cups to be looking for 30 band sizes, or women in J or HH cups to be looking for a 28 band size! If you’ve got a full bust and a small band, here are a few of the best bras for you:

Remember: Cup Sizes Change with Band Size
When you’re shopping for larger cup sizes with smaller band sizes, remember that cup sizes change with band size. If you’ve previously been unable to find the right band and cup size combination, and you’ve been wearing the wrong band size, you might find that your cup size changes too when you switch down to the appropriate band size. Cup sizes are proportional to the band size, so if you’re going from a 32HH down to a 28 band size, you might need a cup size in the range of 28J or JJ.

To make sure you’re wearing the right cup and band size combination, check out our bra fitting instructions and cross-reference your measurements to find the right size for you.

And keep in mind that not all manufacturers’ cup sizes are the same, so check our chart to make sure you’re getting the right cup size in a particular designer. A J cup in something like Fancee Free or Mia, for example, may only translate to a GG size in designers like Freya, Panache and Royce that support larger cup sizes. So make sure you’re looking for the right size – and you just may find things changing in your favor if you cross-reference our designer size chart!

You’ll note some crossover in our top bra picks for these larger cup and smaller band size combinations. There are plenty of options if you browse to the sizing page, but the best bras in these brands sometimes cross over sizes – and we want you to be comfortable in nothing but the best!

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