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The Best Bra Solutions for Formal Evening Dresses (Think Oscars!)

Yesterday we took a quick look at some of our favorite Oscar fashions. Most of us never have the opportunity to wear such striking formal couture, but if you ever go out in formal evening-wear, you need the right bra solutions to prevent show-through and look your best. Even better? These tips and tricks work with that cute little black dress, too – whether you’re doing a formal black-tie event or grabbing cocktails with your best girlfriends, these bra solutions will help you look great in strapless, plunge neckline and beautiful, extravagant dresses!

Adhesive Body Bras
If you’re wearing something where you simply can’t get away with a typical bra, adhesive body bras are the next best thing. These are great for some plunge necklines, although some styles could show parts of these bras. They’re fabulous for backless dresses where you simply can’t show a bra strap, and strapless dress styles.

Adhesive body bras like the Fashion Forms Adhesive Body Bra 1101-1104 offer some support, and they also offer concealment so you don’t have to worry about nipple show through. One of the great things about this particular design is that you can add something like these Fashion Forms Whipped Silicone Push Up Pads 5204 to enhance shaping and cleavage. Alternately, something like the Fashion Forms NuBra Divine Body Bra 8450 is another great option – especially for sheer or partially-sheer fabrics that would normally show a bra.

Bra Strap Alternatives
If you want to wear a conventional bra for shaping or support but are concerned about strap show-through, we’ve got some great bra strap options for you. First up, if you’ve got a convertible bra, try something like the Fashion Forms Invisible Bra Straps 5540. These straps are thin and clear, and hook in where your convertible straps normally would. They’re great if you want to wear a convertible bra with something that has sheer fabric or lace on top – you won’t see the straps through the fabric, and you can still get the support you want.

Got a low-back dress? Try the Fashion Forms Low Back Bra Strap 4101-4102. This bra strap converts any normal back closure bra into a low-cut V back, making it possible to wear your favorite supportive bra with a low-cut dress. It’s not low enough for a backless dress, but it’s great for a v-back or otherwise plunging back that would show a normal bra.

Breast Petals
If you’re lucky enough to have naturally shapely boobs that don’t require support – or if you’ve had some surgical enhancement and don’t require a supportive bra – breast petals are a great option to protect your modesty without ruining the beautiful lines of a lovely dress. Breast petals go over your nipples, and help prevent nipple show-through, giving you a smooth line even without your bra. (Anne Hathaway could have used them with her Oscar dress!) This is a great way to avoid embarrassment and look great in your formal attire. You can also wear them with an unlined bra to prevent nipple show through and preserve your modesty.

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