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The Best Bra for… a Blizzard?

If you live in the Northeast, you had a blizzard over the weekend! (Or a really bad winter storm – apparently Nemo didn’t quite live up to “blizzard” status across the entire Northeast, even though it dropped 26 inches of snow on me just outside of Boston, and over 31 inches of snot in Portland, Maine!) If you got snowed in for the weekend, you may have found that your existing bra wardrobe didn’t cut it. So after being in an (almost) blizzard this weekend, here are my top bra picks for blizzard survival!

You Need a Comfortable Bra for Lounging
When the snow first started coming down on Friday, public transit shut down early for the day and the governor enacted a travel ban on driving! When we weren’t out shoveling, it was a weekend for lounging around the house. And that’s when you really need a comfortable lounging-around bra! Everyone has their own idea of what makes a comfortable bra, but these are the top categories where you’re likely to find something truly comfortable:

One of the most comfortable bras that we carry here at Big Girls Bras would have to be the Anita Active CoolMax Sports Bras 5521. This great bra is stretchy and soft, and it’s perfect for lounging around the house, reading a book while the snow falls softly outside, or for cleaning the house or entertaining the kids. But if you want something even more forgiving, soft and stretchy, check out our sleep leisure bras – that’s the place to start for the true lounging bra.

If you’re like me and you want a little more support in your lounging, try the Moving Comfort Maia Underwire High Impact Spacer Sports Bra 350011. I bought this bra for a 5k training program, and I can’t say that I found it to be up to high-impact running, but I did find it to be one of the most comfortable bras I’ve ever worn. It gives me enough support that I don’t feel floppy and awkward, and it’s so soft that I can forget I’m wearing it. It’s my official go-to bra for lounging, and I found it to be perfect blizzard wear!

You Need a Good Sport Bra for Shoveling and Clearing Snow
Now the thing we all hate about a snowstorm like Nemo is cleaning up afterward! Do NOT underestimate the value of a good sports bra if you’re going to be shoveling walkways, making a path for your dog to go do his business, clearing off the car or even running after the kids while sledding and making snow angels.

For this, I would recommend something like the Champion Powerback Underwire Sports Bra 1694, which breathes well and wicks moisture from the inevitable sweating you’ll do after a few minutes with a snow shovel. And the last thing you want to be doing is wearing a wet sweaty bra while you’re shoveling! (Trust me, I know – my awesome Enell sports bra is totally the wrong bra for this type of chore – it gets all sweaty, your boobs get squished together and sweaty, and it’s not at all breathable!)

If you’re looking for an alternative sports bra that has slightly different shaping, and works well for larger bra sizes and full cup sizes, the Elomi Energise Underwire Sports Bra 8040 is what you want. The fabric is lightweight and reasonably breathable, and it holds you in place great while you work out.

Truly, ladies – don’t let severe weather catch you off-guard! (And for anyone else who went through Nemo – all of us here at Big Girls Bras hope you’re shoveled out, your power’s on and you’re back to life as normal today!)

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