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Temperature-Regulated Bras to Keep You Cool!

Much of the country has been experiencing unseasonably high temperatures in the past few weeks, and the hottest part of the summer is still ahead! With all this heat, people are trying a variety of strategies to stay cool. Many people are hiding out in air-conditioned locales. Some folks are hanging out by the pool or beach. But for those of us who are going about with life as normal, we’ve got good news for you: one of our fabulous designers has just completed the first lingerie line with temperature-equalizing technology! Yes, you heard that right: these hot new bras can keep you cool!

Mia’s Comfort+ Technology
Mia is the first lingerie company to create a bra that offers temperature regulation. Plenty of bra designers offer moisture-wicking, breathable fabrics, but Mia brought new technology to bear to actually help your bra react to fluctuations in your body temperature!

These great bras are made with Mia’s Comfort+ fabric, which is densely saturated with micro capsules that regulate and balance fluctuations in body temperature. What this means is that it transfers heat away from your body when your temperature rises, and it warms the body with stored heat when the temperature drops! Mia has positioned this amazing fabric along the center front, the bottom band, the cup, the sling and even the side panels! This strategic Comfort+ fabric placement is designed to help prevent and mitigate heat buildup where women tend to perspire the most!

Direct from Mia, these pictures tell the whole story!

Check Out the Amoena Collection by Mia for Bras to Keep You Cool!

For now, Mia has integrated its Comfort+ fabric with the Amoena collection. This collection features several fabulous bras in different styles to address all of a woman’s basic needs, including:

As you can see, Mia gives you the option to choose from soft cup bras, underwire bras, molded cup bras – whatever you need for your day-to-day wardrobe. We’ve got t-shirt bras, three-section cups that provide great support, underwire bras – and all of it made with Mia’s unique Comfort+ fabric designed to keep you cool when temperatures rise!

Even better: this is a fabulous technological development for women who want to wear molded cup bras in warm weather. Traditionally, molded cup bras haven’t been as breathable or cool to wear on hot days, so if you like a seamless molded cup bra under your t-shirt, you’ve had to make a decision whether to be warm and uncomfortable or to choose a different bra or top. With Mia’s Comfort+ fabric in a molded cup bra, you never have to make that compromise again!

So it’s time to step up, ladies – grab one of these awesome Mia Amoena bras to get you through these hot days of summer before we sell out!

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