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Do You Wear a Bra? Bras in the Western World

The bra has a 3,000 year history stretching back into ancient times, but it’s role in modern society is today’s topic. Over the years, variations of the bra have been lauded as a brilliant device and reviled as a symbol of oppression. In a 1968 feminist protest, hundreds of women burned bras as “ludicrous inventions”

Sleep Bras – What They Are, and Why You Need Them

Are you one of the women who comes home from work and immediately takes her bra off? Many women find wearing a bra to be uncomfortable, and do it only when they feel they “have” to wear a bra. Most women don’t wear bras to bed, and may not even wear a bra around the

Why You Should Wear a Bra

We here at Big Girls’ Bras occasionally take a look around the Web to find out what questions women have about bras. Many women seem to have questions about bra fit and different types of bras, which we endeavor to answer through the blog, through the site and when women call us to place orders.