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What’s in Your Summer Collection?

It’s that time of year – now that spring has arrived, retailers are rolling out their summer collections. Perusing what’s new and what’s available has led us to reflect a bit on what summer means for our wardrobes and personal style. With warm weather right around the corner (and already here in some places!) here

Sheer Shirts with Visible Bras?

One trend that is really making a splash this summer is famous actresses and female musicians wearing sheer shirts with a visible bra underneath. Once upon a time, a visible bra would be a huge faux pas. This summer, though, it seems to have become an accepted trend in the fashion industry – at least

Bra Faux Pas: Visible Bra

Yesterday we talked about the bra faux pas of visible bra straps; today we’re going to go one step further and talk about a visible bra. This one is really a hot topic; some people feel that you should NEVER show your bra, while others feel it’s ok for a tasteful bra to play peek-a-boo

Bra Etiquette 101

Jennifer Anniston made a splash on the red carpet when she appeared at her Five premier with a sexy black bra peeking above her sporty vest. Some critics scorned her choice of attire, while others applauded it; but that leads to the question – which is right? Is it ok to show bra straps or