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Sports Bra Fit Tips: Part 2

Like any other type of bra, there’s no magic formula to determine sports bra fit. There are certain elements of a sports bra that can make the bra feel uncomfortable, particularly if the sizing is off. Also, just like other bras, not all sports bras work for all body types and bust sizes. You may

Sports Bra Fit Tips

Sports bra fit is something that few women really think about. Most women understand the importance of matching your sports bra’s support level with the activity you’re doing, but few women think about whether it’s comfortable, how it fits and how it works. Understanding your sports bra can help you find the perfect sports bra

Sports Bra Fit Tricks and Tips

Like any type of bra, sports bras can require some special tips and tricks to get the best fit. Cup sizes aren’t necessarily the same for all manufacturers, and many sports bras have unique fit qualities because of their soft-cup designs. Many sports bras also don’t have separated cups, so it can be difficult to