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What Lingerie Do Men Find Sexy?

All right, ladies – we all know there are certain times when we want to dress up for our significant others and look hot and sexy. But if your SO is a man, who knows what he thinks about – aside from the obvious? What lingerie do men find sexy, and how can you make

Bra Faux Pas: Show Through and Bra Bulge

The best bra is one that lifts and supports and shapes – and does it all without being seen. If your bra is showing through your shirt, or you see a bra outline or bra bulge – it’s not doing its job, and it can be embarrassing! Today’s tips and tricks can help you avoid

Color-Code Your Wardrobe: The Trick to Matching Bra Colors

Bra color is something that doesn’t get much attention, but it should! Every wardrobe needs bras in at least a few different colors. You can wear some bra colors under some clothes, but other bra colors may be conspicuous or visible under your clothes. While some daring individuals may want to show off their sexy