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The Best Bras for Women with Loose Breast Tissue

This week, we’ve been discussing various bra fit challenges in an effort to help you find just the right bra for you. Today we’re going to discuss something that most women don’t want to think about: the effects of aging, nursing and weight loss and weight gain. We all know that the stereotype of young

Bras Tell the Story of Your Life

Cups is a solo show written by Joni Sheram and currently being performed by actress Gwynyth Walsh in Miami. In it, she tells the story of her life through anecdotes about the various bras that she has worn. Sheram died nearly a year ago of breast cancer, and the character in her play is a

Finding the Right Bras After Pregnancy

This week we’re looking at the ways your body changes during different stages of your life, and what you can do about it. There’s no doubt that pregnancy is one of the most extreme things that can happen to a woman’s body. Your body undergoes significant changes during pregnancy that can have a lasting effect.