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Friday Q&A: What Bra Makes Your Breasts Appear Smaller?

Today’s Friday Q&A is for all of the big-busted ladies out there! Are you someone who wishes for smaller boobs? Do you feel like they’re always getting in your way, or drawing too much attention, or keeping you from wearing the really cute shirts you love? Today’s Q&A is for you! Question from Noonerz: What

Can a Bra Really Change Your Life?

Most of us think of bras as little more than a necessary part of our daily wardrobe. We usually only think about bras when we have to buy new ones, or when they’re uncomfortable. But what many women don’t realize is that the right bra really can have a dramatic impact on your life; far

Bra Sizing and Fit in Different Types of Bras

The type of bra you wear affects the sizing and fit. Theoretically, when you find the appropriate bra size, you can try any bra in that size and it should be a close fit. However, in practice, the type of bra you wear affects the fit, and you may find you need to adjust the