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History of the Bra Archive

Bras and the Clothing Reform Movement

Last week, we took a look at the history of bras from ancient times up through the Victorian era. During the Renaissance and the Victorian era, the precursors to the modern bras had come to resemble modern-day torture devices. During the late Renaissance and the 1800s, the ideal of beauty came to be a very

Bras in the 1800s

The Victorian era in England was a time when women continued wearing tight-fitting garments designed to emphasize the breasts and hips by tightlacing the waist. However, in the late 1800s, the “corset substitute” began to emerge, and large-busted women began to see garments designed especially for them. The latter part of the 1800s saw the

Bras in the Renaissance

The Renaissance was a time for rebirth in many ways, and fashion was one area that certainly benefited from Renaissance influence. Gone was the prior emphasis on the stolid, minimal, functional wardrobe. During the Renaissance, clothes began to focus more on form than function, and fashionable styles emphasized a tiny waist and pushed the breasts

Bras in the Middle Ages

The Middle Ages was a dark time for many, and the early Middle Ages saw many women attempting to minimize their figures. Garments that drew attention to the bust were actually outlawed by the Catholic Church in an edict out of Strasbourg. By the late Middle Ages, things were changing, but women during this period

Ancient History of the Bra

While the garment we recognize as the modern bra only dates back around a hundred years, breast-covering and emphasizing garments have existed as far back as 3,000 years ago. Many ancient cultures either emphasized or minimized the breasts, and designed garments to display or hide these feminine features. What were bras like in ancient culture?