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Friday Q&A Archive

Friday Q&A: The Bra Hook Edition

Have you ever had a bra that insists on unhooking itself throughout the day? You’re not alone! Today’s Friday Q&A goes out to a woman who deals with these bra peccadillos on a daily basis – here’s why it happens, and what to do about it! Question from Kara: What Does it Mean When Your

Friday Q&A: What Kind of Bra is a Perfect Solution for Sagging Breasts?

As much as we don’t like to talk about it (or even think about it!) gravity is not a friend to our beloved boobs. Sometimes it’s simple aging that does it, or sometimes it’s motherhood, or even a big weight loss – but we all get to a point in our lives when our breasts

Friday Q&A: What’s the Best Swimsuit for a Pear-Shaped Body?

With warm weather teasing parts of the country, our shoppers have started the annual “which swimsuit is right for me?” dance! With that in mind, today’s Friday Q&A is a question about the best swimsuit for a pear-shaped body! Question from Quiet Soul: “What type of swimsuit would be good for me? I want to

Friday Q&A: Sports Bra Edition!

This week on our Friday Q&A, we’re answering a couple of sports-bra related questions! (Have any questions of your own? Feel free to send ‘em in – even if they don’t make it into the Q&A, our own lovely KC will find you an answer!) Question from Dinah: What is a comfortable bra to wear

Our First Friday Q&A!

We here at Big Girls Bras love to help out our shoppers with all of the information we’ve accumulated through our 15 years in business! We’re happy to help you when you reach out to us via social media, such as our Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ pages, and we strive to provide you with useful