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Friday Q&A Archive

Friday Q&A: What is the Proper Way to Wear a Sports Bra?

Have you ever looked around at other women wearing sports bra tops while exercising and asked yourself what’s the proper way to wear a sport bra? Today’s Friday Q&A is all about common sport bra issues, and how to wear them the “right” way! Question from Jess: “What is the proper way to wear a

Friday Q&A: Maternity Swimwear

Being pregnant during the hottest part of summer can have its challenges – and one of those is knowing what to wear to the beach! If you’re a new mom-to-be, and you have questions about maternity swimwear or what’s the right swimwear to wear to the pool or beach, here are a few of the

Friday Q&A: Hot Weather Wardrobe Questions

With heat waves around the country, today’s Friday Q&A deals with hot weather wardrobe questions. Have you ever wondered what to wear when it’s really hot out? Curious about this summer’s fashion trends? Here’s what you need to know: Question from adept: What are good feminine clothes to wear in very hot weather? Answer: Lightweight,

Friday Q&A: Pool Exercises!

This week, we’ve been talking a lot about beating the heat and spending time in the pool working out. We’d be remiss if we didn’t give you some advice about the best pool exercises to help you achieve your fitness goals! Without further ado, today’s Friday Q&A is the pool exercises edition! Question from oc:

Friday Q&A: What’s Your Favorite Bra Design or Cut?

Today, we’re wrapping up bra design week with a modified Q&A on bra design! Here at Big Girls Bras, we get a ton of questions about which bra designs are the best for women with certain body types, women with certain shopping criteria or women who want a certain cut from their bra. Today we’re