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What’s the Best Thing about a Properly Fitted Bra?

Proper bra fit is a huge deal, which is why we talk about it so often – and why so many other people are finally starting to pay attention to this important point. But bra fit isn’t just important because we say so; there are a ton of practical benefits to a properly fitted bra!

Like a Wire-Free Bra? Check Out the Royce Everyday Comfort Collection!

This week, we’re taking a look at a brand that can take you from training bras through all the stages of your life: Royce! If you’re past the training bra stage, and value comfort in your bras – but still want to look pretty – Royce has some great options for you. Take a look

The Best Bra for… a Blizzard?

If you live in the Northeast, you had a blizzard over the weekend! (Or a really bad winter storm – apparently Nemo didn’t quite live up to “blizzard” status across the entire Northeast, even though it dropped 26 inches of snow on me just outside of Boston, and over 31 inches of snot in Portland,

Renewed Focus on Comfort

In our “History of the Bra” series, we’ve explored the crazy lengths that women go to in order to fit in with fashion and look their best. In the name of beauty, women have bared their breasts, hidden them, bound them, emphasized them and worn a variety of garments designed to show the bust at