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Breast Cancer Awareness Month Archive

Have You Done Anything for Breast Cancer Awareness Month Yet?

October is drawing to a close next week – have you done anything for Breast Cancer Awareness Month yet? Here at Big Girls Bras, we’ve been looking at things you should do for your own health, and we’ve also given you some great opportunities to contribute to breast cancer-related causes. The clock is ticking down

Breast Cancer Early Detection: Get a Mammogram!

As you know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. So far, we’ve looked at various myths and misconceptions about breast cancer, and we’ve done an article on breast self exams. But did you know that the most effective method of early detection for breast cancer is a mammogram? Many women don’t realize that, and rely

Breast Cancer Myths and Misconceptions

You know if you’re a regular reader that the main focus of this blog is to give you info and help you find the perfect bras, shapers, swimwear and intimate apparel – particularly for the full busted women out there. But today we’re taking an important time out to address some of the most common

It’s October: Give Yourself a Breast Self-Exam

Big Girls Bras is running a great promo for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and one of our favorite vendors Enell is running their own awesome promo. But October is about more than donating to an organization that helps women with diagnostic procedures, or helps women and families who are dealing with breast cancer. It’s also

Be a Superhero – Make a Difference with Our Superhero Bra

Last week, we told you one of the ways Big Girls’ Bras is making a difference for Breast Cancer Awareness Month this October – through our partnership with the Lisa Boccard Breast Cancer Fund. If you missed those announcements, check out the page on our site that lists all the details. Today, we’re going to