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Solving the Bra Faux Pas: White Shirts

Believe it or not, you’d be surprised by how often we run across women who are frustrated that their bras show through when they wear white or light-colored shirts! Some people dismiss these worries; everybody knows that women wear bras, after all, so why should we worry about them being visible? Well, I’m here to

Do You Know How a Bra Should Fit?

Bra fit is something we spend a lot of time talking about here at Big Girls Bras, but that’s because it’s an extremely important topic! Industry professionals say that anywhere from 80% to 85% of women are wearing the wrong bra size! Where do we get these ideas of bra size? Sometimes our parents; sometimes

Bra Faux Pas: Going Bra-Less

Alright, girls, it’s time to get real – going bra-less is, officially, a fashion faux pas. Many women with smaller busts do it because they don’t feel they need the support of a bra, and not wearing a bra is less restrictive – i.e. more comfortable. But even if you don’t need a bra, the

Bra Faux Pas: Uniboob and Double Boob

Some of the most egregious bra faux pas are related to bra fit, the way your clothes fit and the style of bra you’re wearing. Uniboob is one of the most unflattering bra problems that women have; a single shelf of bustline with no definition and no shaping. But double boob is another problem that

Bra Faux Pas: Show Through and Bra Bulge

The best bra is one that lifts and supports and shapes – and does it all without being seen. If your bra is showing through your shirt, or you see a bra outline or bra bulge – it’s not doing its job, and it can be embarrassing! Today’s tips and tricks can help you avoid