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Swimwear Styles for Large-Busted Women

Fantasie SwimwearThe best swimwear styles for large-busted women aren’t the same styles you’ll find for smaller busts. Unfortunately, many swimsuits are designed for women with smaller busts, and large-busted women don’t benefit from those limited style selections. Women with large busts should consider these swimsuit styles for maximum support and coverage:

Good Swimsuit Tops for Large Busted Women
Swimsuit tops are obviously the problem for large-busted women, so finding the right swimsuit tops is the key to finding a good swimsuit as a large-busted woman. Two-piece swimsuits for large-busted women give women the option of choosing a larger top, based on their needs, and a smaller bottom. The best two-piece swimsuits have a top with actual cup sizes; match your appropriate swimwear to your regular bra cup size. Make sure you’re wearing the right cup size; see our “size” and “fit” guides for more information.

Good swimsuit tops have wide straps, cups sewn into the swimsuit, and supportive elastic sewn in along the sides of the breasts for extra support. The best swimsuit tops for large-busted women have simple, plain designs with good coverage for cleavage, and high underarms to provide good support for the bust. The Swim Systems Underwire Halterkini is a good example of an appropriate swimsuit top for large-busted women, with its underwire and wide straps for support, and fuller-coverage for the bust that helps keep women covered yet still provides flattering cleavage.

Large-Busted Tankini Swimsuits for Women
Tankini swimsuits are great options for large-busted women. A tankini swimsuit contains more material than a bikini or halter top, which inherently provides more support. Because the tankini top has more material, there’s more of an option for designers to include good support features, such as elastic panels, underwires and wide straps.

Like other two-piece swimsuits, tankini swimsuits give large-busted women the opportunity to mix-and-match an appropriately-sized top and bottom. A large-busted woman may want a large top to provide the proper coverage and support, with a smaller bottom based on her clothing size. The Tankini Twist Swimsuit Top with Underwire is one popular tankini top that provides ample support with an ability to mix-and-match bottoms based on size and design considerations.

Skirted Swimsuits for Large Busted Women
One useful tip for large-busted women is to wear a swimsuit that provides simple coverage on the top, and more elaborate detailing on the bottom. Something with a plain or simple top and a stylish bottom helps to draw attention away from the bust.

Skirted swimsuits are a great way for large-busted women to draw attention away from the bust. Skirted swimsuits provide a little stylish embellishment on the bottom, which can help draw attention to other flattering elements of your shape. The Sexy Skirted Bikini by Sunset Separates is one example of a skirted bikini that gives you the ability to mix-and-match your two-piece suit, and draw flattering attention away from your large bust.

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