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Swimwear Sizing Tricks and Tips

With the right swimsuit, swim season can be fun. In a well-fitted swimsuit, you can look your best, feel fun and flirty and enjoy knowing that you look great. A good swimsuit can camouflage or minimize problem areas, and show off your body in whatever way you want. Even if you’re happy with your body and proudly sporting a bikini, some swimsuit sizing tricks and tips can make a big difference in how your bikini looks and fits. Here’s what you need to know when you’re shopping for a swimsuit this season:

Swimsuit Tops with Bra Sizing
One of the best things to ever happen to the swimsuit industry is swimsuit tops with bra sizing. Women come in all shapes and sizes. Even women who wear the same clothing size are shaped differently, and need different styles and fits to flatter them. Swimsuit tops with bra sizing are a blessing for women of all shapes and sizes, because it makes it possible to find the perfect swimsuit top for every body type and size.

When you’re shopping for a swimsuit top, or even a one-piece swimsuit, look for swimsuits that offer bra sizing. Use our bra fit guide to find the right size and fit for you, and find a swimsuit that’s available in your band and cup size. Bra-sized swimwear can make a huge difference in your summer swim season.

Swimsuit Tops with Underwires
If you need a big-busted bikini top, or a one-piece swimsuit for women with large breasts, look for swimwear that comes with underwires. Underwires offer the added support that a big-busted woman needs, regardless of body type or shape. You could be a petite woman with a huge bust, or a fuller-figured woman with a proportional chest – either way, underwires can help you look your best in your swimsuit this summer.

Strap Size, Style and Support
Even if you find a swimsuit with an underwire and a bra-sized top, you may still need another element to help you look your best: the right straps. If you’ve got an average bust size, practically any style of swimsuit straps will work for you. You can get away with wearing halter styles, bikinis with very thin straps, or even strapless bandeaus. If your bust is a bit larger, a bra-sized swimsuit with underwire may be all the support you need, and you can still wear a swimsuit with any type of strap.

However, if you’ve got a big bust, you may need the extra support that some robust swimsuit straps provide. For bigger-busted women, look for wide straps, and styles that have bra-style straps. Halter styles can dig into your neck uncomfortably if your’e a large-busted woman; and thin straps may not provide the support you need.

Here at Big Girls’ Bras, we want to help you find the perfect swimsuit for this year’s swim season. Browse our swimsuit collection and see what other women have to say about the fit and styles from our top designers. By reading reviews, you may find a wonderful halter-style swimsuit that doesn’t dig into your neck, or the swimsuit top that provides all the support you need. We’re here to help you look your best in this year’s swim season!

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