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Swimsuits to Wear While Doing Your Chores

Working around the house is something we all do, to some degree or another. Whether you’re a stay-at-home-mom who’s constantly working to keep up with cleaning the latest mess, or whether you’re a single woman who’s just trying to keep things neat and tidy for herself – or a wife who finds herself all-too-often cleaning up after her husband – we all end up doing some kind of chores. Fortunately, if you shop for a casual, comfortable swimsuit – your swimsuit can do double duty as an outfit you can wear while you’re doing your chores! Whether you’re doing the dishes, vacuuming, or your chores consist of running errands – these are our favorite swimsuits to wear while doing your chores:

Swim Systems Casual Tankini Swim Top
What could be more perfect for doing your chores in the summer than a cool, comfortable tank top? With the Swim Systems Casual Tankini Swim Top, you’ll have something comfortable to wear to the beach – and something that doesn’t look out of place while you’re running errands or doing the dishes. We love this tankini for its lightweight fabric and the freedom of movement it offers, making it great for pretty much any kind of activity. The cute little ring details on the straps, and the great casual fit, make it suitable for wear out to the grocery store or just around the house – so add this piece to your swim wardrobe and it can become a part of your everyday wardrobe, too!

Freya Active Swim Tankini
The Freya Active Swim Tankini is a similar idea to the Swim Systems tankini above – but taken to the next level. This active swim tankini is form-fitted, which means it’s not loose and won’t get caught on things while you’re tidying or doing chores. It features a crossover back and powernet back wings that offer support for everything up to a H cup. With the sporty, form-fitted styling, this tankini resembles the type of tank top you might wear for a workout – so it’s great for wearing around the house, out to the gym or anywhere you might wear your sports clothes. Pair it with a comfy pair of shorts and whittle away at your list of chores!

Swim Systems Onyx Swimsuit Top
Finally, if you just want something light and minimal to wear while you do your chores – to avoid working up a sweat and stay cool even when you’re scrubbing things or working vigorously – try something like the Swim Systems Onyx Swimsuit Top. Any practical bikini top will work as a “doing the chores around the house” wardrobe piece – what you want in a swimsuit top for this type of thing, and what we love about this piece in particular, is something that’s practical, with underwire support and good coverage. This Swim Systems underwire bikini top can be worn three-ways, so you can get the support you want and find the most comfortable fit – pair it with some cutoffs or comfy shorts and you’ve got a great around-the-house wardrobe staple.

When you’re shopping for a swimsuit that can also work in your everyday wardrobe as something you can wear when you’re doing chores, look for practical, comfortable styles that offer support and won’t make you hot or sweaty. Save your favorite cute outfits for going out, and snag one of these great swimsuits to do double duty in your wardrobe!

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