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Swimsuits for Large-Busted Women

Swim Systems Underwire Bikini Top with Adjustable Straps C652Swimsuits for large-busted women aren’t always easy to find. Women with large busts need supportive swimwear that won’t ruin a day on the beach by causing discomfort or having an embarrassing malfunction. Swimwear is one area in which manufacturers have made a big mistake by not offering varying cup sizes, and most average swimwear just doesn’t work for women with bigger bust sizes. How do you find swimsuits for large-busted women?

Not All Swimsuits are Made Alike
The right swimsuits for a large busted woman aren’t the same thing as the right swimsuits for a woman with an average bust size. Large-busted women need certain types of designs, support elements and fit considerations to make the swimsuit well-suited to their needs. If you’ve ever been at the beach and been embarrassed because your swimsuit stretched more and more as the day progressed, you know how important support is in a swimsuit. Likewise, if you’ve had a neckline that you don’t like, or if you’ve been worried about moving the wrong way in your swimsuit. Some types of swimsuits, swimsuit cuts and swimsuit designs are better-suited for large busted women than the average swimsuit you’ll find in your local store.

Look for Swimsuits with Cup Sizes
The average swimsuit is made for a cut that is considered “average” in the swimsuit size, so if you wear a bra with a cup size larger than D, an average swimsuit simply isn’t designed to fit you. It’s imperative that large-busted women look for swimsuits with cup sizes. The right cup size ensures that there’s enough material to physically cover your bust, and designers that offer a cup size typically put thought into support features. Find a swimsuit with the right cup size, and you’re off to a good start in finding swimsuits for large-busted women.

Tankini Swimsuits for Large-Busted Women
The tankini swimsuits suit women – particularly large-busted women – who require good support. Many traditional bikini tops just don’t provide the support that a woman with a large bust requires, but a tankini has a more versatile design that enables manufacturers to incorporate useful support features. The fuller coverage in a tankini swimsuit enables manufacturers to incorporate wide straps, extra elastic around the sides and bottom of the bust, and cups to help support the breasts. Tankini swimsuits also give you the option of matching a larger top with a smaller bottom to accommodate your shape.

Underwire Swimsuits for Large-Busted Women
Another good swimsuit option for large-busted women is an underwire swimsuit. An underwire swimsuit, typically in combination with cups in the swimsuit, provide the same support that a good underwire bra can provide – beachside, poolside or anywhere you need it. When you buy an underwire swimsuit, you’re still looking for something with nice wide straps, and supportive elastic sewn into the swimsuit around the sides of the bust help. An underwire in a swimsuit just adds an extra element of support into typically stretchy swimsuits.

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