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Swimsuit Tops for Support and Shaping

Are you a woman who has always wanted to wear a two-piece swimsuit, but simply felt that you couldn’t because you wouldn’t get enough support or shaping? Here at Big Girls’ Bras, we understand how you feel – and we’ve got some solutions for you. Some two-piece swimsuit tops are best for women who don’t need much support, but we’ve got plenty of great swimwear tops that provide support and shaping even for big-busted women, or women who are sensitive about their shaping. Don’t feel like you can’t wear a two-piece swimsuit because you’ve had kids, feel saggy because of weight loss or simply have a big bust and need extra support. We’ve got some great swimsuit options for you!

Swimsuit Tops that Provide Shaping
Balcony-style swimsuit tops can be very flattering, giving you a bit of lift to make your bust look full and lush. If you’re worried about sag, or simply want your breasts to seem fuller, a balcony bikini top is a great option.

Padded swimsuit tops are great for shaping, and can help your bust look great even if you’ve recently lost weight, are worried about sag or have had children and are sensitive about how your breasts look. Our padded swimsuit tops make your bust look great, and some of them can also double as a bra under a shirt.

Swimsuit Tops for Extra Support
Underwire swimsuit tops are the perfect choice for women who need more support. The underwire provides support that a soft-cup swimsuit lacks, and are great for big-busted women who need the support but still want to wear a two-piece swimsuit.

Keep in mind that even underwire swimsuit tops can only do so much. If you’ve got a really big bust, look for underwire swimsuit tops that have wide straps to help offer some additional support. They also won’t dig into your shoulders as much as narrow-strapped swimsuits, and we’ve got some really cute and sexy styles with wide straps.

What Not to Wear if You Need Support or Shaping
Many soft-cup two-piece swimsuits simply aren’t designed to offer the support and shaping that a big-busted or shape-sensitive woman needs. Beware of soft-cup swimsuits in general, unless they offer design features to incorporate shaping and support.

Things like strapless bandeau swimsuit tops, soft-cup halter tops or skimpy triangle swimsuit tops probably aren’t the best choice if you need shaping or support. However, here at Big Girls’ Bras, we’ve got a few of each of these swimsuit styles that do offer a big more support and shaping than the others; it’s just important to know that you need the extra shaping and support. For example, try a bandeau-style swimsuit top with straps, instead of strapless. Or a halter style swimsuit with underwire. These swimsuits don’t have to be off-limits, as long as you understand the design elements that offer support and shaping.

Not sure what you need? Browse our entire two-piece swimwear collection to find the perfect swimsuit for your upcoming swim season!

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