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Swimsuit Top Style Options

Swimwear tops come in a wide variety of options and styles. If you’re interested in a two-piece swimsuit, we’ve got a ton of swimsuit top styles to choose from here at Big Girls’ Bras. Do you prefer fuller coverage or less coverage? Want to flaunt it or look a bit more demure? Or is support more important than style? No matter what type of swimsuit top you’re looking for, we can help you find your perfect match for this year’s swim season. With June just a few short weeks away, now’s the time to get your new swimsuit top for this summer!

Swimsuit Tops that Flaunt It
If you’ve got it and you’re looking to flaunt it, our top designers have some great swimsuit top options for you to enjoy this summer! For the barest coverage that shows the most cleavage when you’re on the beach, consider one of our triangle swimwear tops. Triangle swimwear tops take the classic bikini look one step further, and provide coverage that ranges from merely a triangle-strip of cloth over each breast to slightly more modest, supportive triangle-style bikini tops.


If you want slightly more coverage but still want to show what you’ve got, consider the classic bikini style swimsuit tops. Bikini tops typically offer more coverage and support than triangle tops, but still show some cleavage in a classic two-piece way.

Plunge bikini tops are another great choice if you want to show some cleavage but still want a bit of coverage and support. Plunge-style bikinis are perfect if you like to draw the eye to the flattering swell of your breast, but don’t want to show off too much or worry about feeling like you might pop out of your swimsuit. Plunge swimwear tops are a great compromise between triangle tops and full bikini styles.

Alternately, if you like the plunge styling but want a different neckline, halter-style swimsuit tops are very similar. Halter-style tops often have a plunge in the middle, but tie around the neck instead of using over-the-shoulder straps. You might want one of each to make sure your neckline changes regularly and help avoid tan lines.

Finally, there are bandeau bikini tops. Bandeau swimwear tops are typically a band across the bust line, and often bandeau-style bikinis are strapless or have unusual strap designs. By nature, bandeaus are usually a bit more modest, although the bandeaus swimsuit tops with straps may show a bit more. Strapless bandeaus are best for women who don’t need much support, or women who aren’t going to be particularly active at the beach.

Find Your Perfect Swimsuit Top
We’ve got a huge selection of swimsuit top styles for you here at Big Girls’ Bras. If you can’t decide what style you like best, browse our entire collection, or check out the style guides of some of our most popular designers. We’ll also cover fit tips to help you find the right style, if you just aren’t quite sure whether you can pull off the look you crave.

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