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Swimsuit Problems? The Right Swimsuit Eliminates Common Issues

Have you been frustrated when shopping for swimsuits? Found a swimsuit that looked great on the hanger, but made you feel completely self-conscious when you tried it on? Or even been unable to find a swimsuit that fits properly at all? You’re not alone. We’ve all had swimsuit problems at one time or another. The key to solving your swimsuit issues is actually quite simple, though – pick the right swimsuit for your body and you’ll eliminate the common issues we all struggle with. Which issues do you have?

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Swimsuit Makes You Look Small on Top
If your swimsuit makes you look small on top, there are a few things to try:

  • Bold prints and bright colors on top, dark solid bottoms: bright colors on top and solid bottoms help draw attention to the top, and make it seem larger, while minimizing the bottom by contrast.
  • Push-up swimsuit top: push-up swimsuit tops give you a great boost if you’re looking for a little extra lift and help in the cleavage department.
  • Avoid styles that minimize the upper body: anything that minimizes your bust is the enemy. Look for styles that draw attention to and highlight your assets!

Something like this B-Swim monokini is great if you wanna hide some tummy chub and still look and feel sexy!

You’re Self-Conscious about Tummy Chub
Belly fat and the little bulge that many women develop is something we all feel self conscious about. If it’s going to make you miserable in a swimsuit, though, there are options!

  • Rock a monokini – sexy way to hide your belly bulge: a monokini is a super sexy way to camouflage tummy issues and still rock your body.
  • Try a high-rise swimsuit: high-waist swimsuit bottoms can help hide that pudge and make you look and feel like a sculpted beauty.
  • Wear a one piece and eliminate all worry: if you’re really self-conscious, a one-piece swimsuit can give you complete peace of mind – and still look sexy!

A swim skirt on bottom can help hide thigh troubles and still look fabulous.

Thigh Worries
Thighs. What’s up with yours? Do you feel like you have thighs the size of tree trunks? Got some cellulite you’re worried about? We’re sure you’re beautiful, but if you want some help in the thighs, try a swim skirt!

If you want a little less coverage, consider these options:

Or for a bit more coverage, take a look at:

If you like a one-piece swimsuit, try something like the Aerin Rose Black A-Line Underwire Swimdress Style 301. Great coverage in a one piece swimsuit style that’s flattering to practically all body types!

Swimsuits Don’t Fit Properly on Top and Bottom
This is an incredibly common problem – particularly among women who have bigger breasts. We often need two different swimsuit sizes on the bottom and top to find something that fits us! Well, don’t worry – some of our favorite designers do great mix-and-match swimsuit separates that let you select a complementary bottom and top – in whatever size and style you want. Opt for more coverage on top and less on bottom – or vice versa – when you customize your look to get exactly the style you want.

What’s your swimsuit problem? Tell us and let us help you find a solution!

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