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Swimsuit Cover-Up Dos and Don’ts


Do you have any questions about how to care for your cover up, or when is the appropriate time to wear it? Today’s swimsuit cover ups Dos and Don’ts list is inspired by some common questions about cover ups. If you want a little clarity on when to wear it and how to care for it, here’s everything you need to know about swimwear cover ups!

Do: Wash Cover-Ups Thoroughly After Wearing
Swimsuit cover ups are great for keeping you comfortable when you’re hanging out pool or beachside. But even though those cover ups never go into the water, they still need to be cared for properly! Suntan lotion contain oils that can stain swimsuit coverups, or even cause delicate fabrics to age and deteriorate prematurely. It’s important to wash those oils off after use.

Also, the chlorine in your swimsuit after you’ve been in the pool, or the saltwater after you’ve been swimming in an ocean, can transfer to your cover up if you wear it when your swimsuit is still wet. Most cover-up fabrics aren’t designed to deal with these harsh irritants, so care for it carefully to keep it covering you for the summers to come!

Do: Wear Swimsuit Cover-Ups Whenever You Want a Cute Look!
Cover-ups aren’t just for beach and poolside wear! Some of our swimsuit coverup designs are great to wear when you want to create a cute look – even when you’re far from water! Wear them over a bikini or sports bra when you’re running errands or hanging out around town. Wear one of our sexier cover ups on a date night out! You can even wear cover ups around the house – most of them move freely and are super comfortable, so they make great loungewear.

Get the most out of your swimsuit coverup by including it in your everyday wardrobe whenever you want a cute look!

(And if you forget to wash it thoroughly after your last beach day, you may get a whiff of suntan lotion when you put it on mid-winter – that can be great for bringing back those fond memories of summer! Enjoy!)

Don’t: Wear Swimsuit Cover Ups in the Water
One teenager recently asked if it was ok to wear a swimsuit cover-up in the water, because she’s had trouble finding a modest swimsuit that fits.

Here’s the deal: swimsuit coverups aren’t made to deal with chlorine or saltwater. They also aren’t designed to hold up well when saturated. There are a lot of things that go into swimwear design beyond the look, and the water-specific design elements are lacking in a coverup. Some coverups might work out in the water, but as a general rule, you shouldn’t wear them in the pool or in when swimming in the ocean. If you do, clean them thoroughly ASAP!

If you’re thinking about wearing a coverup in the water for modesty, the problem is with the swimsuit design. Pick a different swimsuit! It can definitely be tough to find a modest swimsuit that fits properly when you’re constrained by what they have at the department store, but here at Big Girls Bras, we have a huge range of swimsuit styles and fits. There’s definitely something for everyone – even if you’re looking for a modest swimsuit.

What about the rest of you girls? Have any other swimsuit coverup questions we can tackle for you?

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