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Swimsuit Bottoms to Make You Look Great

Swimsuit bottoms can make or break your two-piece swimsuit. The right swimsuit bottom can make you look great, while the wrong swimsuit bottom can turn your two-piece swimsuit into a disaster. How do you know whether your swimsuit is good or bad? Here are a few of our most popular swimsuit bottom style options to mix-and-match with your swimsuit. Knowing a bit more about your options can help you find the right swimsuit bottom style to turn your two-piece swimsuit into a masterpiece!

Swimsuit Bottoms Briefs
Brief swimsuit bottoms are by far the most popular bottoms, and they come in a wide range of cuts, heights and styles. If you prefer a minimal look, something like a swimsuit bottom tie-side brief or a swimwear bottom low rise brief might be the perfect choice for you. If you want a bit more coverage, consider a classic brief, which come in a wide range of styles and coverages.

If you like embellishment, a belted brief can help add a bit of style to your swimsuit. Alternately, one-part-style and one-part-practicality is the swimwear bottom fold brief. The fold can serve as an embellishment, but it also enables you to expand your brief if you’re looking for a bit more coverage for the day.

Here at Big Girls’ Bras, we have literally dozens of styles of swimwear briefs and bikini bottoms. Browse our complete collection of swimwear bottoms to see which style of brief might suit you best.

Swimsuit Bottoms Shorts

If you prefer a bit more modest coverage, or a sexy, flirty, boyish look, our swimsuit bottom shorts might be a good choice for you. Our swimwear bottom shorts come in a wide range of styles and cuts, giving you a great selection if you prefer something with more or less modesty. Shorts are great for women who want to emphasize their hips or want to minimize or hide flaws around the hip region. Shorts can also provide a flirty look or help round out your two-piece swimsuit with a quirky look that serves as a great alternative to the classic bikini style.

Skirted Swimsuit Bottoms
Skirted swimsuit bottoms are the perfect choice for women who want a bit more modesty. If you’re sensitive about your thighs, cellulose or simply don’t want a swimsuit bottom that’s particularly form-fitting, skirted swimsuit bottoms can help hide all of your flaws. With some great patterns and length options, skirted swimsuit bottoms can evoke images of flirtatiousness, sexiness, fun and femininity, or they can simply minimize exposure with a more classic solid or longer cut.


Whether you’re looking for a tiny swimsuit bottom to pair with your equally-tiny top, or you want a full-coverage bottom to help hide flaws and look great, we’ve got you covered here at Big Girls’ Bras. Feel free to browse our entire swimsuit bottom collection, or contact us with any questions you have about sizing or buying help.

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