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Swim Dresses: Not Your Mother’s Swim Dress


When most people think of swim dresses, they think of these dowdy fashions that cover everything up, and which tend to be worn by older ladies or women who have something to hide. That couldn’t be further from the truth! Nowadays, swim dresses are pieces of high fashion, and they’re becoming a more popular choice for women who just want to be more modest in addition to women who want to cover up problem areas. Today, we’re going to look at just how far swim dresses have come – these aren’t your momma’s swim dresses!

A-Line Swimdresses are Figure-Flattering and Fashionable
One of the more popular styles for swim dresses these days is the a-line swim dress. Aerin Rose makes a great a-line swim dress – just take a look at the Aerin Rose Poppy A-Line Underwire Swimdress Style 301. The accent ring can be used to create a fashionable over-the-shoulder style, which together with the full hidden underwire bra, provides support for women with larger busts. Or you can wear it strapless and the accent ring becomes a fashionable detail! The flattering drape camouflages problem areas without looking dowdy. And it comes in black, too! This style is so flattering that Jordan Taylor offers a similar Bandeau Swimdress – check it out and find out why so many women (and designers) love this style!

Adjustable-Leg Swimdresses Give You the Ability to Customize Your Coverage
One of the complaints about swim dresses is that they’re too modest and don’t show enough. Many women want some coverage, but still want to feel sexy and feminine. The Jordan Taylor Adjustable Leg Swimdress Style 13103 gives women the ability to customize the fit and length of the legs. You can pull up the leg drawstrings if you want to show more of your sexy legs and derriere, or you can elongate the drawstrings to provide more modesty and thigh coverage. Enjoy the best of all worlds with this versatile swim dress style!

Twist-Front Tankini Swim Dresses are Slimming and Oh-So-Cute!
If you want something that’s form-fitted and slimming, but still provides a little coverage and camouflage for trouble areas, the Tara Grinna Twist Front Tankini swimdress is the perfect style! The twist front with side rouching provides coverage and helps to minimize bulge in the tummy region. The bottom flounce adds a cute and feminine detail, and helps this style look more like an intentional fashion choice than something you’re trying to hide behind! One of the great things about this swim dress is the removable cups – women with small to average busts can use the cups to provide a bit of shaping and modesty, while women with larger cup sizes can remove them to create a slimmer, more proportional shape.

There’s no doubt about it – swim dresses have come a long way since the old, sack-style swimwear. Are you ready to snag one of these comfortable swimsuit styles and still feel feminine and fashionable?

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