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Strapless Low Back Body Shaper: The Bridal Bra Series

A strapless low back body shaper is a popular choice in bridal lingerie for brides-to-be who are planning their big days. A good bridal backless low back bra remains invisible under your wedding gown; the back should be cut low enough not to show under the low back of your gown, and the bra needs to provide ample support for your bust and give you a flattering figure in your dress. A strapless low back body shaper gives you a little extra support and shaping to help smooth out problem areas, and hides seamlessly under your gown. If you’re a big-busted woman shopping for a bridal backless low back bra, you might need to spend some extra time finding the right size and design, but it’s well worth the effort.

Sizing for Low Back Strapless Bras is Extremely Important
Sizing for all bras is important; particularly as an estimated 80 percent of women wear the wrong bra size. When you’re shopping for a bra for your wedding day, wedding night or honeymoon, it’s even more important, as you want to look perfect for your big day or your time as a newlywed. You’ll only get married once, so it’s important to look your best – and that means finding the right bra size! If you’re not sure whether you’re wearing the right size bra, check out our articles on sizing and fit.

Va Bien Bridal Lace Backless Strapless Long Torso Bustier 523When shopping for a low back strapless bra, the right size is even more important as the design and fit are the primary elements providing support to your bust. When you’re wearing a bra with straps, you can sometimes get away with wearing a bra size that is close but not quite accurate, as the straps provide an extra level of support. With a low back strapless bra, there are no straps to provide you with support and you must rely on the bra itself and the sizing to provide you with adequate support.

Don’t try to Fit into a Smaller Bra
If you wear a low back strapless bra 34dd size, don’t try to fit into a smaller cup size or a different bra. A smaller cup size won’t give you the flattering shape you want in a strapless wedding gown, and may not provide ample support and coverage for your bust. If you need bridal bras, low back, e size – look for bras in that size instead of trying to fit other sizes. Bridal bras, strapless, low back can be extremely flattering – but only if you get the right one.

Consider bras by Va Bien and Dominique, as these bra manufacturers have some of the best bridal bra collections for large-busted women. You might also want to consider offerings in Goddess, Elomi, Fantasie or Panache, which offer one or two bridal styles. The key to finding the right bridal bra is finding the right fit – a beautiful bra in the wrong size won’t look great on you, so focus on the fit and size. A strapless low back body shaper is an excellent choice for fuller-figured women who want a smooth line under their wedding dresses or honeymoon garments.

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