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Strapless Backless Bra Size DD: A Sizing Guide for Brides-to-Be

A strapless backless bra size DD and up can be difficult to find in a traditional store. Many retail establishments don’t stock bras for big-busted women because there isn’t a high demand; the majority of women who shop in retail establishments wear bras size D and below. If you’re looking for a strapless backless bra in 38ddd or larger, you’ll benefit from ordering from a store that specializes in big busts, and provides manufacturers who design bras for big-busted women.

Bridal Backless Strapless Bras – Look for Good Support
Bridal backless strapless bras for big-busted women must provide good support. strapless bras designed for women with small cup sizes simply don’t provide adequate support for big-busted women, so you’ll have better luck finding good strapless bras if you search for manufacturers who specialize in big-busted women.

Backless bras are also a category in which you want to find a manufacturer that specializes in big busts. Large-busted women who are looking for a good backless strapless bridal bra should look for longline bras or body briefers, because these types of bras provide the best backless support for big busts. It’s vital to get the cup size right in these types of bridal bras, or you may not have adequate support and coverage on your big day – and that makes for an unhealthy bride.

For example, if you’re looking for a black strapless backless 32 f bra, don’t try to squeeze into a DD bra – it probably won’t fit, and it definitely won’t provide the support and flattering shape that a properly-sized bra can provide. For something in the F size range, check out Dominique bridal bras; they have band sizes ranging from 32 to 42, and cup sizes all the way up to F.

Va Bien Ultra Lift Backless Strapless Body Briefer 1570Manufacturers Who Support Big-Busted Women
The two manufacturers who have the best selection in bridal bras for big-busted women are Va Bien and Dominique. Va Bien’s backless strapless bridal bras come in band sizes 32 to 44 and cups up to DDD. The Va Bien ultra lift backless strapless body briefer is a popular choice among brides-to-be, and provides good support and shaping for women with larger busts. Dominique offers band sizes from 32 to 42 and cups up to F.

A few other brands also have bridal offerings, but their selections are more limited and may only include a few styles. Fuller-figured women may want to consider bridal bras from Goddess or Elomi, while big-busted women with smaller dress sizes may want to take a look at Fantasie or Panache.

Consider a Non-Bridal Bra
Keep in mind that bridal backless strapless bras don’t have to be bridal bras at all. If you’re looking for a strapless backless bra size dd, for example, you may want to consider non-bridal styles to open up your options and selection. The difference in non-bridal styles is typically the design and style details, but non-bridal bras are also good in other applications.

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