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How to Stop Hating Your Bra!

9-18-love-your-braDo you feel like the bra is a necessary evil, but not something you’d subject yourself to if you could avoid it? Do you long to get home at the end of the day and take off your bra? You’re not alone – the most commonly searched words associated with bras include: hate, throw, stop and bad. Yes, we think that sounds terrible! Fortunately, you don’t have to hate your bra – and today we’re going to look at how to learn to love this contentious piece of the wardrobe!

Look for Bras that Help, Not Hinder
What do we mean by bras that help, not hinder? Well, a good bra fits well, provides the support you want and isn’t really noticeable – because you should almost be able to forget you’re wearing the right bra. But some of that has to do with the type of bra, and what you’re trying to do in it.

For example, if you’re trying to do yoga in a running bra, you might find that the tightness of the bra (for bounce reduction) restricts your range of motion, or is just a little uncomfortable to wear in what is supposed to be a relaxing activity. Or maybe you love a demi bra for date night, but find that the push-up styling or smaller cups just aren’t as comfortable to wear under your work clothes, or maybe you find yourself constantly adjusting.

Look for bras that are designed for what you’re doing – with details that help you feel more comfortable. For yoga, for example, a low-impact sports bra is far more comfortable than a restrictive running bra. For work, try an everyday bra or full cup bra instead of your demi cup date night bra. You might find that you love your bra when you’re wearing the right bra!

Focus on Comfort
The most common reason that women get annoyed with their bras is that they just plain find them uncomfortable. Pinching, poking, tight bands (or too-loose bands!) are a fit nightmare, and all of these factors can make you want to rip off your bra the moment you’re able. But this doesn’t have to be how you relate to your bra! If you find your bra uncomfortable, shift your focus to comfort-oriented features.

Bra styles that tend to be more focused on comfort include:

Try some of these bra styles to find something that feels more comfortable to you in general – and then work on fit and sizing to perfect your bra Nirvana!

Size and Fit are Critical!
And of course, we can’t forget the number one factor in bra comfort – how a bra fits! With 4 out of every 5 women wearing the wrong bra size, most of us need to get a fitting and adjust our sizing. Take a look at our bra fit guidelines to find out what size you should be wearing, and start rediscovering how comfortable a bra can be when it fits you properly!

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