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Stay Cool and Dry in Your Sports Bra

Ladies, you know what I’m talking about: one of the most disgusting things about working out is getting drenched in sweat, and having your bra get all soggy and clingy. Wet, sweaty bras feel gross, and it’s easy to become self-conscious about the smell. And sports bras that don’t breathe well compound the problem, making you warmer and more likely to sweat more. Wouldn’t it be great if there were sports bras especially designed to keep you cool and dry? Good news, then: we’ve got some great sports bra brands designed with technical fabric designed to do just that. Sick of getting sweaty and gross in your sports bra? Try one of these sports bras to help mitigate the problem:

Moving Comfort DriLayer
Moving Comfort sports bras are designed with their patented DriLayer technology, which is a blend of fabrics in a knit construction designed to allow for maximum airflow and breathability. The specifics vary from bra to bra, but the Moving Comfort sports bras are some great options to help keep you cool and dry while you’re working out, whether you’re doing low-impact or high-impact activities.


Champion Moisture-Wicking Sports Bra
Champion is another brand that features sports bras made of moisture-wicking fabrics designed to help keep you warm and dry. The Champion fabric blend aims to wick moisture away from the body and help control moisture buildup. The Champion Powerback Underwire Sports Bra is a great option if you want to stay warm and dry, although many of the Champion sports bras are designed with these helpful features to keep you comfortable during your workout.

Bendon Sport Extreme Out Sports Bra
The Bendon Sport Extreme Out Sports Bra, as well as the other sports bras in the Bendon collection, are designed with a quick-drying fabric blend. This is part of Bendon’s stay-cool strategy; keep you cool during your workout thanks to the quick-drying fabric blend. Bendon sports bras have been well-received by our shoppers, so why don’t you try them for yourself to see if they help keep you dry and cool enough during your workout?


Shock Absorber Sports Bras
Shock Absorber is a brand focused on keeping women comfortable and supported during their workouts, and the Shock Absorber focus on comfort extends to fabrics. Shock Absorber bras are made from high-performance, moisture-wicking materials that help keep you comfortable during your workout, no matter how much you sweat. Did you need another reason to love Shock Absorber? See how cool and dry it keeps you and you’ll know why our shoppers love Shock Absorber sports bras so much.

Whether you’re looking at one of these sports bras, or one of the other great sports bras in our collection, look for key words in our bra descriptions to help you decide if the bra will keep you cool and dry. Things like “moisture-wicking,” “high-performance,” “quick-drying” or “cool and dry” typically mean the bra is designed to help reduce moisture buildup, and keep moisture away from your skin. Gone are the days of sweaty, clingy, disgusting sports bras. Check out one of these great sports bras to help you stay cool and dry when you workout!

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